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How To Find A Trusted Payment Processing Partner When Building Your Business

Posted: March 5, 2020 at 6:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Mobile applications and eCommerce websites are becoming popular each day. They have become the way to go if you are looking forward to moving your business to another level. It explains why the number of online payment gateways continues to increase each day. The gateways are intended to make online payment much easier and convenient. They should interface the credit card payment and the shopping cart. Unfortunately, some payment gateways don’t accept most of the electronic payment systems. Besides, you may find it difficult to set it up and run the hardware, software and secure connection. So they may not be ideal for many businesses. Here is how you can find a trusted payment processing partner such as JJS Global ISV solutions when building a business.

1. Look at what other clients say about them

A good payment processing partner must be reputable. They must be open and transparent. For instance, they need not charge hidden fees and must treat their partners with decorum. How they treat their customers is critical. Look at their social media page to help you get the payment gateway before you commit yourself to it. How do they respond when you call them? Every growing business needs a strong partner that will treat them well.

2. Transparency

It is the most important thing you may need to consider when finding a trusted payment partner. Being saddled or charged hidden fees can be stressful and frustrating. Also, processors that terminate services without giving notice may inconvenience you. A good gateway partner must be committed to your merchants and should strive to make you happier. It tells you that they will be in the business for a long time. So they are the right people to do business with. Your merchant needs to be upfront on its revenue streams. It should not introduce new items on the growing list of your expenses.

3. Room for scaling up

A payment processor that allows you to scale up as the business grows could be the best option for you. Besides, it should allow your clients to pay up directly or be directed to the payment merchant. Therefore a site that features an integrated payment form is the best. If it sends payment to secure payment, it could be the best option for your business. Also, the site should provide a better customer experience. It should also direct customers to a secure payment page. It should do this while taking little time to integrate.

4. Ability to scale up the technology

A payment partner you can trust is one that is ready to adopt new technology as soon as it emerges. For instance, a gateway that embraces a mobile online payment portal could be ideal for your business. It should also be able to integrate any other technology that may come in its way in the future. It will help you maintain the customers that may want to use the new technologies. Find out the integration they offer and how they can respond to changes in the industry. To get a clear picture on this, look at how they confronted a similar scenario in the past. Also, look at their upfront plans. A good provider should always remain at the head of the curve.

5. Investigate the features they offer

A payment gateway provider should have features to encourage your business to grow. For instance, it should accept all types of debit cards and credit cards. It should be able to serve clients in different countries. A provider that sends a client to a third party for purposes of entering credit card information should be sought. It should then send it to the online shop after the transaction is completed. But it should not make it obvious to the customer that they are being redirected to the third parties. The provider should offer them some experience they are used to while on big sites. If it can allow you to customize the payment to reflect the business logo or brand, it may be the better option.

6. A simple checkout

A simple checkout is all you need to help your business grow. If the checkout procedure requires that you register details before checking out, it will make the business lose clients. Most online shoppers abhor bureaucracy. If they use a third party, choose one that makes the enrollment procedure optional. The gateway should allow you to remove redundancies and make the process simpler.

Although it is easier to find a trusted payment processing partner, consider your business needs. Also, check out if it has room for expansion. The gateway should impact the customer’s experience and increase business profitability.

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