Social Q&A for your online store with TurnTo Networks

George Eberstadt is the CEO and Founder of TurnTo Networks. As a true socializer, George has spent the last decade building social technologies, most recently TurnTo which provides a social Q&A platform for online stores and joins eCommerce Radio to talk about it.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest George Eberstadt discuss the following:

  • What are some of the big trends in ecommerce today?
  • What are some pitfalls people who are looking to open up an ecommerce site should look out for?
  • What approaches to social commerce are working best – and what is not working so well?
  • What is social Q&A and what sort of results does it deliver?
  • Any predictions for the future?

Duration: 17:29

George has spent the last 14 years leading companies building “social” technologies, from B2B team collaboration to marketplace negotiation systems to face-to-face technologies for conferences.  As the founder and CEO of TurnTo, George has been at the leading edge of social commerce innovation since before Facebook’s first offerings in the field.  TurnTo’s “Ask Owners” product is now the gold standard in social Q&A for ecommerce.  Prior to George’s obsession with social technology, he was a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and a technology policy analyst for the US Congress.

TurnTo provides the top-performing social Q&A system for online merchants, enabling shoppers to get advice directly from stores’real customers. By enabling authentic dialog between shoppers and customersright on the merchant site, TurnTo increases conversion rates, generates fresh content for SEO, builds customer loyalty, and reduces call center load. The TurnTo Social Q&A Platform is a white-labeled SaaS product that can be integrated in a few hours. Top online stores and brands including Quidsi (,…), L’Oreal USA, Vitamin Shoppe, and Adorama, have chosen TurnTo to convert visitors into buyers. More information about TurnTo is available at

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