Deline Institute, Determined to Help You Succeed with Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis, the President & CEO of the Deline Institute for Professional Development that is determined to help you succeed joins Enterprise Radio. Dr. Madeline is a career strategist, professional speaker, trainer, consultant and the author of “Finding Your Best Inside: How to Become the Person You Are Meant to Be” and “Playing from the Blue Tee: Women in the Federal Government.”

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis discuss the following:

  • What was the inspiration behind your starting the Deline Institute for Professional Development?
  • What are you trying to achieve with your company?
  • I noticed that you speak a lot on “Finding Your Best Inside.” How do you help others find their best inside?
  • What’s the most compelling insight to Finding Your Best Inside?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is now reinventing themselves or pursuing their passion for the first time?

Duration: 11:08

Career Strategist Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is committed to helping both individuals and organizations live their highest dreams and goals. She uses FIVE essential elements that are instrumental in helping you unearth and realize your capabilities, while integrating simple strategies that anyone can apply in order to achieve unstoppable success in life which are:

  • Purpose
  • Perseverance
  • Positive
  • Produce
  • Potential

As a direct result of applying these elements in her work with hundreds of clients since 2006, Dr. Lewis has influenced the success and career satisfaction of women in management, leadership, and beyond.

How Dr. Lewis’ Journey Guides Women Up the Ladder to Success:

Dr. Lewis has always had a passion for helping others in any way she could.  Having served in the military for several years and in civilian federal government, one day she realized women were coming to her for advice on a lot of things such as going over their resumes’, for advice on what they should do next to move their careers along, helping them to get through an interview and mentoring.  She also noticed that there were not a lot of women in the federal government helping each other to move up the ladder.  There were not a lot of women who took the time to mentor or share their knowledge with others.  Seeing these things, she knew she had honed in on her purpose.  This inspired her to start her own business to provide guidance, personal and professional development to those who needed and wanted to advance in their careers or to start a business.  It also inspired her two books “Playing from the Blue Tee: Women in the Federal Government” and “Finding Your Best Inside: How to Persevere and Become the Person You Are Meant to Be.”

Beyond the fact that Dr. Lewis is a career strategist, author, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur, she also serves with a commitment to family, community and professional development.  She believes in strategic partnerships, supporting minority and women-owned businesses and in the delivery of outstanding quality, both personally and professionally.  She lends her expertise to different venues within the working women and entrepreneurial community.

No matter how difficult your life may become, no matter how hard life gets, there is always a reason to “Find Your Best Inside.”

To Engage Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis:

Contact Dr. Lewis for career coaching, speaking engagements, media interviews, quantity book purchases, and any opportunity that will allow her to continue her mission to help others succeed at: 301-693-3284 or via email:

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