Sideboards and China Cabinets as Interior Elements

Storing plates in closed cabinets is partly justified and not without reasons: dishes in recent years have lost the status of a thing that is usually put on display. Rare collectors invest in the acquisition of truly significant items. However, the value of any plate, lovingly placed for showcasing or tucked away in an unusual furniture “packaging”, increases dramatically.

We advise: get a sideboard or china cabinet. Today these pieces of furniture are not the most necessary, and therefore – easily became the definition of the luxury of modern times. You can find some sophisticated models here.

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Use the backlight in the sideboard or china cabinet for dishes

A sideboard is a kind of showcase, and highlighting is its indispensable attribute. Therefore, if a sideboard for dishes – with transparent doors or not – has a backlight, then this is the right and fashionable piece of furniture.

Backlight color is important

Color highlighting significantly changes the perception of what it is aimed at, and dishes are no exception. But there is no single rule, we won’t write to you that in blue light plates look more attractive than in pink. Experiment and adjust the light to your own mood.

Separate plates and other utensils

Color illumination works best on smooth stacks of white dishes (plates of different depths, cups), transparent glasses of any shape.

Everything figured and tall (teapots, jugs, gravy boats, milk jugs) is best placed on a separate shelf and not interfere with plates. So you get a spectacular illuminated “city” from the dishes.

Transparent and opaque

In addition to lighting, you can play with the degree of transparency of the doors of the cupboard. It’s great when both transparent and translucent doors (that is, doors with frosted satin glass) are combined in one sideboard. For transparent, it is logical to exhibit the best, for translucent – to place ordinary dishes.

If you want to know more about the correct placing of your dishes in the sideboard or china cabinet, you can read this article.

Soar in the air

Sideboards do not have to stand on the floor. Sometimes shelves with transparent doors and lights completely replace them. No one will store mixers and lids from pans in such shelves, by the function it is just a sideboard – a front display case for dishes. We recommend showcasing glasses, wine glasses, and other decorative glass using a miniature sideboard in the role of a home bar.

Zoning space

It is great to use floor-to-ceiling glass systems as a separator between rooms. It replaces a blank wall, makes the room transparent, allows light to reach distant corners. We do not recommend such racks in houses where there are small children and animals. Children may not notice the glass while the game and get injured; pets with the paws can overturn the dishes. It is important to maintain the original “transparency” of the rack – half the cells must be left empty and not occupied with the dishes.

Behind the deaf doors

We return to where we started – the sideboard, in fact, is a practical storage system. Not only for dishes, but also for linen. Historically, by the way, the sideboards had a dual purpose, bedding was stored in them in addition to napkins and tablecloths.

Closed doors, in this case, are indispensable. Typically, laundry is stored in drawers, and dishes are stored on open shelves or behind glazed sashes. 

If you want to know more how to organize all in the sideboard or china cabinet you can read here.


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