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SerenaFit, a DC based fitness company catering to working women living in the city

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Serena Scanzillo, the owner and founder of SerenaFit – a DC based fitness company catering to working women living in the city joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio. She specializes in personal training, small group classes and nutritional coaching.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with eDC (Greater Washington, D.C. Entrepreneurs).

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Serena Scanzillo discuss the following:

  • What new things have happened for SerenaFit in 2014?
  • Elaborate a little bit on your specialties, and who exactly make up your client base.
  • What do you feel like is the biggest challenge for some of your current clients?
  • What do you think the solution to this is?
  • Can you talk more about the SerenaFit Meal Plans and what clients can expect to get when they purchase one?
  • Are there any support groups or forums you have that people can get involved with to learn more about you and the SerenaFit lifestyle?
  • What is one SerenaFit tip you can give to our listeners today if one wants to tighten up their health regiment?

Duration: 13:51

A DC resident herself, Serena Scanzillo understands how city life can get in the way of a fitness routine. She created her exercise and nutrition program, SerenaFit, to help working women make health a priority, offering everything from workout videos and meal plans to personal training and conditioning classes. A coach and bariatric exercise specialist, Scanzillo posts videos to her website making it easy to workout anywhere. Sculpt your core with “SerenaFit’s Favorite Abs” or burn calories with the “Fat Loss Cardio Workout.” Then maintain an all-natural diet with the newly released SerenaFit meal plans, which include ways to transform, lose fat and maintain – featuring MCTLean, Proatmeal and Aloha wellness products.

Complete with monthly body assessments, custom workouts and email support, SerenaFit personal training programs offer lots of individualized attention. For those looking to work out in a group setting, she also offers weekly conditioning classes, which take place both indoors and outside depending on the weather. Wednesdays mean strength and mat work, which SerenaFit Saturdays include intense intervals with equipment like TRX, battling ropes, Bosu balls, free weights, kettle bells, Lebert EQs and boxing concepts. However you take advantage of SerenaFit, you can trust that it’ll help make fitness part of your reality.


Twitter: @serenascanz

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