Selling Your Own Home in Australia, with an agent but no commission!

Andrew Blachut

Andrew Blachut, a real estate agent, entrepreneur and Owner of the Australian company PropertyNow joins Enterprise Radio. PropertyNow assists people to sell their own property with no agent commission anywhere in Australia, while still having the support and advice of an agent.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Andrew Blachut discuss the following:

  • I understand that the key thing you provide is access to Australia’s largest property site ( for private sellers?
  • So briefly how does a private seller, arrange a no commission sale through PropertyNow?
  • What is the full cost of selling a home or land through PropertyNow?
  • And I understand that apart from helping people to sell their own property with zero commission, you also assist private landlords as well?
  • What skills do people need in order to sell or rent their own property and how do they get started?

Born in a small country town in rural NSW, Andrew Blachut currently resides in Queensland, approximately half an hour from the state capital Brisbane.

Andrew is 53 ( 2016 ) and created a new industry in 2004m, which helped Australians to sell their own home, while using a real estate agent and yet paying no commission in the process.

Specifically, he designed a system called Agent Assisted Private Sales in which PropertyNow provided access for private sellers, to the largest real estate agent-centric sites in Australia, such as His company was the first of its kind in Australia and the first to level the playing field for private sellers. The new industry was initially strongly resisted by the existing real estate agent industry, but is now widely accepted and rapidly expanding.

Author: Get More For Your Home – Australia’s definitive guide to selling a home with zero commission via Available via Amazon Online.

Entrepeneur and owner of PropertyNow Pty Ltd.

Licensed real estate agent in all Australian states and Territories.

Operating Australia’s largest (by listing numbers on single real estate office (PropertyNow).


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