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Jimmy Maverick, creator of FF Maverick’s My Perfect Fantasy Draft app, the best app on the market to create your champion fantasy football team joins Enterprise Radio to help you with your fantasy football success.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jimmy Maverick discuss the following:

  • How does My Perfect Fantasy Draft app help fantasy football players?
  • How much does the app cost? Do I have to pay for every league that I play in, or is the app a one-time purchase?
  • Does My Perfect Fantasy Draft app guarantee a fantasy football championship?
  • Does the app offer anything for after the draft?
  • Does the app work for every type of fantasy football platform?

Jim Maverick is a “fantasy football hobbyist” and is an enthusiastic and dedicated fantasy football player.  He’s been playing fantasy football since the early 2000’s and has experienced both success and hardship during that time.  He always felt the weakest part of his game was the draft because there were so many different moving parts to consider when selecting players.

This app was designed to consolidate all those factors into a single list that’s easy to set up, modify and utilize during a draft.  He used a beta version of this app in both of his leagues in 2015.  He drafted 2nd in a 10-team league and drafted the #1 team.  Then he drafted 12th in a 12-team league and, again drafted the #1 ranked team.  He took both of those teams to the championship game and won one (and lost the other game by less than 2 points).  He attributes a big part of his success to using this app because it helped him easily find the best players for each of his leagues.

Website: www.ffmaverick.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myperfectfantasydraft

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