Sarah Haugen Created Vitalist Food for Your Health and the Health of the Planet

Sarah Haugen the CEO and Founder of Vitalist Food that is based in LA, a brand that is raising the bar on what the world knows as plant-based, convenient, sustainably packaged get-and-go food joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Sarah Haugen discuss the following:

  1. Please tell us about yourself and your background.
  2. I hear you recently opened your new location in Los Angeles. Please tell us what it was like to open during a pandemic? Did you consider postponing this?
  3. Many people are choosing a vegan lifestyle and giving up meat for environmental reasons or as a healthier alternative. You have been a vegan chef for over 20 years so you were ahead of the curve. What prompted you to commit to eating a Vegan/ Plant-based diet?
  4. There are many take out restaurants in LA. What makes your menu different, apart from the fact it is plant based?
  5. What are your long term goals for the Vitalist Brand?

Vitalist Food is High Frequency Food that is fresh, clean and authentically good for you and the environment. Beyond using the best ingredients available anywhere, especially locally-grown organic ingredients for a low carbon footprint, we stand for global health, and are raising the bar on what the world knows as plant-based, convenient, sustainably packaged get-and-go food.

We create delicious immune boosting, superfood drinks, snacks, and meals that support the microbiome, are easy to digest, are nutrient dense, vitamin and enzyme rich, low glycemic with good fats.. We offer foods that are ready to eat, ready to drink and ready to snack.  No GMO foods will ever be used. We reject all pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.  We skip corn, beans and wheat.

The Vitalist business is focused on micro and macro kiosks that sell pre – packaged drinks, snacks and meals, ala carte and in bundles. We also offer the first ever full spectrum cleanse line and and snack line packaged and available online for shipping anywhere and wholesale.


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