Reasons to Buy A Luminor Watch

Brand’s Iconic Watch Luminor is famous for its roots in the military. When it comes to a budget timepiece with enormous features and a masculine look, yeah Luminor is an ideal choice. Panerai is famous for making high-quality timepieces for years and Luminor is one its most famous collection of robust luxury watches recognizable among watch enthusiasts across the globe.

Many models were launched in this range in variation to material and designs, but maintaining the classical look. The main feature causes the popularity is the crown protecting over-sized bridged and case in cushion-shaped. The Arabic numerals are printed on the dial provide a 3D look. These fonts are larger so to increase the legibility level and can be read out easily even in the dark because of the SuperLumiNova material covered on it.

It is the factor that when it was not publicly available when launched because it was manufactured for the Italian navy, so it must be detailed enough to be used as a constant ally of a soldier.

We filtered out the most cogent reasons to make Luminor be the part of your outfit. 

1. Recognizable Design

The crown protecting bridge is the recognizable part of these timepieces maintaining a classical Panerai look. It is the reason for the popularity of this timepiece range. Each watch in this range features this complication and has a unique design with a more innovative internal mechanism. This crown protecting bridge presses firmly the crown for enhanced water resistance feature as it was originally manufactured for the Italian Navy. It also protects the crown against shocks and impacts, so that can be used in intense situations and can handle water pressure. Arabic Numerals and marks on the dials reflect the traditional touch of Panerai watches which make it recognizable among wristwatch enthusiasts.

2. Wide Varieties

This range of luxury watches is available in multiple categories for divers, engineers, soldiers, businessmen, and professional livings also available in chronographs. Some rare features of this range are available featuring complicated functions including a tourbillon, these are extremely rare and in limited editions.

Luminor Marina is one of the most famous sub-collection of this series and with long-lasting power reserve the GMT editions.

Different top models were launched in this series featuring flyback chronograph (a rare feature in the luxury watches ) available in a limited number of models.

3. Enhanced Legibility

It is where Luminosity redefines or say revolutionized. The luminescent material is covered on large on the markers indexes and on the large numerals to increase readability, as was developed for Italian navy so enhanced legibility must be there to be provided by the brand.

One can easily observe the time even in the dark. Luminor launched three new models in 2020 to celebrate the 70years of its marina series  Carbotech, DMLS, and Fibrotech featuring the radiant substance which in fact synonymously become the factor brand’s watches.

4. Safe Investment

Buying a Luminor is a safe investment and you’ll never regret it because it features everything a watch enthusiasts want. The main factor is that it holds its value, you can resale a Luminor timepiece with more than of its half price after using for months. Some of the early models of this range were sold at auctions with double or triple prices than the original one. 

So it is a safe and wise investment when buying a Luminor you are fully confident that you are investing in something valuable and getting more than what you pay. As it beats many of its similar features equipping timepiece of different brands in the price range while featuring the same and better features.

5. Water Resistance

The submersible in this range features water resistance of up to 300 meters and bridge over crown protects the water from reaching the internal mechanism which is in fact advantage of the oversized bridge. 

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