Enticing Career Options You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

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Ever since you were a kid, you always wondered about having a dream job, something out of the ordinary. A job that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning. Yes, there are enticing jobs out there that exist. Many people prefer to have an extraordinary job rather than an ordinary career option. 

We do not imply that existing career options are not rewarding, but sometimes you get tired of listening to the usual, like a doctor, teacher, engineer, etc. At times you want to do something that little to no one is doing and flourish in that career choice. 

Since you are in a hunt for the most exciting job out there, we are here to make things easier. Below is a list of jobs that you may never have thought about; even if you did, you did not know they existed. Bear in mind that most of these jobs are highly rewarding in terms of cash, but that depends on many factors, primarily your residing region. 

Brace yourself because you are about to get blown away.


Sounds funny right? As amusing as it may sound, it also has a pretty exciting job description. A gumologist has an essential job to taste gum and review it. Using nothing but their taste buds, they help companies produce chewing gums. This role calls for tasting and suggesting new gum flavors. 

As easy as it seems, it is not; as a gumologist, you need to identify around 70 ingredients used in a pack of gum. You should have a powerful sense of taste if you want to qualify for this job.

A gumologist can make easy money around $37,400 up to $107,500 a year, depending upon the experience. 

Library Scientist

A library scientist is undoubtedly an interesting degree option for you to add to your potential career list. Gone are the days when a librarian was shuffling through old books and keeping everyone silent. Their tasks are now more complex as they have to use information technology. The exceptional advantages of information technology in aiding research work and academic assignments in the library have made the profession challenging. However, albeit the challenges, the profession has seen unprecedented growth and advancement. 

Mustering Pilot

Do you love to fly? ‘Yes.’ Are helicopters your thing? ‘Yes, yes.’ Do you love working with animals? ‘Huh, yes, but what does flying have to do with animals’? 

Are you confused? Well, don’t be. Your dream job can be all three things in one. A mustering pilot may sound odd but can get you big bucks by looking after animals while flying your helicopter. 

The helicopter flies at a lower level, enough to keep an eye on cattle herds. You need to make sure that animals follow the right path, and you should be able to locate them if misplaced, an aerial view of the land can do a lot to help you keep an eye on them. 

A mustering pilot can annually make around $68,912. 


The name says it all; a hydrologist has to work with water. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a hydrologist is a scientist who studies the movement of water through and across Earth’s crust. They use their intelligence to solve the water quality problem and its availability. 

As a hydrologist, your job is to work on both the field and office. In the office, you mostly have to spend time using computers to analyze the data and read the findings. As for the field job, you have to collect samples from streams and lakes to inspect and monitor them. 

A hydrologist can make up to $81,270 per year and has a job growth of 7 percent by 2028. 

Operations research analyst 

An operations research analyst helps organizations inquire about complex issues, look through and solve problems, and make better decisions in favor of the company. 

These analysts use advanced analytical and mathematical methods to solve Byzantine issues. The job is mostly office-based; however, you have to travel occasionally to meet clients. To be an operations research analyst, having at least a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields is mandatory:

  • Business 
  • Operations research 
  • Management science 
  • Analytics 
  • Mathematics 
  • Engineering 
  • Computer science

An operations research analyst’s annual wage rate is around $84,810, with a 26 percent job growth by 2028. 

Industrial Psychologist

The BLS states that an industrial psychologist applies all the psychological theories to fields that include administration, marketing, human resource, sales, and management. They plan out policies, select, test, and train employees alongside working on organizational development and analysis. 

Sometimes they have to work side by side with the management to come up with ways to improve worker productivity. 

An industrial psychologist can make up to $82,760 per year. The US publications and news ranked industrial psychologists as the third best science job. 


These are just a handful of jobs; there are many more out there. However, the jobs handpicked by us are your best bet. These exciting career options bring a fresh look to the job market and make you want to apply in all of them.

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