Carolyn Mattocks

Reading Literacy through Career Exploration

Carolyn Mattocks

Carolyn Mattocks, the CEO & Founder of the “I Can Do Anything” Organization, Inc. again joins Enterprise Radio to talk about how the organization is helping the youth of America through reading literacy.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Carolyn Mattocks discuss the following:

  • For those who are not familiar with the “I Can Do Anything” Organization, can you share with us the mission.
  • What are some of the latest events with the “I Can Do Anything” Organization?
  • What is the purpose of the reading literacy program in more detail?
  • Why do you feel that reading literacy in career exploration is important?
  • How can people learn more about this program?
  • What are some things that parents can do to get children to learn more about career exploration?

Carolyn Mattocks is a summa cum laude graduate with a B.A. in History from North Carolina Central University. She also has a M.P.A. in Public Administration from North Carolina State University. She has worked in diverse settings such as federal agencies and academic institutions. Her accomplishments include the following: (1) Done seminars on Career Planning and Personal Development. (2) Done seminars on College Success strategies. (3) Wrote the series, “Do Not Let Your Education Be A Rip-Off.” (4) Authored the “I Can Do Anything” books and curriculum. (5) Presented at youth conferences for various organizations.

Ms. Mattocks is a member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) , Pi Alpha Alpha National Honor Society, Golden Key International Honour Society, The American Society for Public Administration, North Carolina Central University Alumni Association, North Carolina State University Alumni Association and a Lifetime Member of the History Club Channel.

Topics that Author can speak on:

  • “I Can Do Anything” motivational program
  • History-African American, American, World, and European
  • Academic Achievement and Success
  • College Success Strategies
  • Diversity
  • Career Planning and Personal Development
  • Life Skills

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