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Qualities of a Good Executive Recruiter

An executive recruiting agency’s primary role is to fill high-level/ executive positions ordered by a client. Their responsibilities include posting adverts, searching for candidates, scanning resumes, presenting to the client, scheduling interviews, and negotiating for packages where need be.

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The executive recruiter you choose matters much and therefore you have to consider some qualities.

Good communication skills

An executive recruiter should have top-of-the-range communication skills both directly and indirectly. They should communicate clearly and effectively with all manner of people and utilize various communication styles. The recruiter bridges the company and the candidates through the process of recruitment. You should be able to take the candidates through the recruitment process. As a hiring company, you need to frequently provide valuable updates and talk with them, especially when problems arise in the recruitment process.

Great networking skills

Many qualified candidates for jobs are found through connections, networks, and referrals. Business contacts and people close to you can provide a rich base of valuable employees.

When looking for an executive recruiter, it’s good you find out who they know. Do they have a data bank where they have waiting lists of all manner of employees and executives qualified for different positions? That means they are continuously looking for talents out there.

Great listening skills

When looking for a hiring company, you have to consider how good they are in their communication and listening skills. That means when you’re talking to them or taking them through an interview; they can pick all that you intend and therefore get you the right candidate for the executive position. It helps them get crucial feedback from the candidates, and thus you can tell if they fit the company’s culture. An executive recruiter who is poor in listening cannot attract the best candidate, and you will be at a disadvantage working with them.

Sales skills

Executive search is a recruitment service, and these sell their recruitment service to clients. Therefore, the company should tell you in clear and understandable language why you should hire them as an executive recruiting company. They also sell the jobs to the most fitting candidates, and their language should thus convince the best of the candidates. When you get a weak salesperson for a recruiting company, you can be sure you may not get the most competitive candidate for an executive position.


An executive recruiter should be detailed in their work. The message they send out to select the best candidate should have the necessary details. That means they will get a candidate who meets your company threshold- they will most likely attract a talented person who is well-qualified. If they are shallow in their recruiting approach, they may never attract the right candidate.


You see, the recruitment company is not attracting entry-employees but executive positions. That means the persons they are drawing are leaving other senior jobs to bring value to your company. Attracting suitable candidates for senior positions requires that you have confidence and are not easily intimidated.

An executive recruitment company must have the right qualities to attract the best candidates in the market. You have to do a goodexecutive searchfor a good company that will help you get the best executives to fill up the positions in your organization.

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