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Public Relations Conversations with Tracey Bond Girl, a real life PR Double Agent on (Int’l Womens Day)

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Tracey Bond

Tracey Bond, an Amazon Bestselling Entrepreneurship Author and a United States PRess Agent & Chief Publicist with a New Media Prolific Personage PR agency joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Tracey Bond discuss the following:

  • What is a mediapreneur – how do you define that for the listening audience?
  • What kind of clientele do you provide new media pr services for?
  • How do you deliver coaching or strategic new media prservices for clients?
  • What are the values of your services for entrepreneurs that integrate PR into their marketing strategy/business plans?
  • How can that CEO, entrepreneur, author, artist, public figure, nonprofit org, small business owner, startup brand founder, etc. connect with you to learn if what you offer is best for their business goals?

“The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me WHAT I THOUGHT, and ATTENDED to MY ANSWER.” — Henry David Thoreau

Tracey loves researching, interviewing, showcasing & showtelling the accomplishments of fascinating people!

She’s an authentic never figmented Bond Girl who was born into this particular Universe by Divine Intelligent Design, & on the 007th Day of a bountiful harvest month.

In her mind there are no competitors when we are specially created for unique purpose.

As a native Midwesterner turned Cali-teaming jetsetter, she lived in a Chicago-hustler culture that fiercely believes its all about getting one’s skills up to market to get out and ‘get her done.’ Where other US urban cultures may thrive on mainstream-media-crafted staging & hype. Her multi-career path ethics are the solid rod foundation that has shaped my vetted person and biography of success.

Always whimsical on the fly & perfectly mysterious on great purpose…a social business intelligence agent; a humane resource for the advancement of social good of a critically deep thinking and ever-conscious humanity describes me to a sweet “T.”

…The Name is BOND, TRACEY is her mediaphillic introduction: a daily double press agent, celebrity publicist at New Media PR, WBTVN TV Show Host of “Media Traffic” A Bestselling Spirit Fed Entrepreneurship Author, Executive Book Producer at You’ll find her on-AIR = online anytime moving and shaking up the new media PR industry with un-fictionalized momentum.

Publishing influential thoughts and the PR News headlines of her ahhmazing clientele are a sampling social business few of my fav-ohh-right things to do…keeps her invited to your social business events you want to spotlight; and she’ll keep publishing “What’s GOOD News about you do IN THE #BondGirl007eNewsRoom for my International VIP Business News beat in The US Press Agency’s Spotlight!

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