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Providing Employees with Company Cars

Posted: March 5, 2017 at 11:03 am / by / comments (0)

Company cars are a huge asset for any business. When it comes to industries where having a professional image is important, they can be a game changer when it comes to making the perfect impression at client meetings. A smart, clean modern car says a lot about a company and your values, making you a much more desirable partner to do business with. So, what are the main advantages of providing employees with a company car:

Happier Employees

Employees tend to be much happier with their job when there are perks to keep them feeling motivated. In some work places this can be small incentives like offering a free breakfast sandwich on a Friday, or providing employees with their own laptop to take home. A huge advantage that sets you apart from other employers as a much more desirable place to work is providing company cars.

Employment Opportunities

Having access to mobility cars as company cars can be really beneficial for businesses and help to transform the lives of people at work with a disability. Whether that’s by securing them a car which is adapted to suit their individual needs so they can regain their independence on the road or by having a company car which they can ride in, so they’re not excluded from attending any business meetings or social events. Having access to mobility cars is a great asset for any businesses as it highlights that you’re an equal opportunities employer and can be a great way to attract a wider pool of applicants for jobs as you can offer disabled members of staff great perks which many other businesses won’t offer. Take a look at the selection available at Allied Mobility to see if purchasing one could be beneficial for your business and your disabled employees.

A Better Image

Having a fleet of company cars instantly gives off a much more professional business image. Not only does it look more polished when you turn up to meetings it also means that employees will feel more motivated and enthusiastic to attend business meetings if they can take a company car as opposed to public transport. It also means that employees no longer have to add a business insurance policy to their own insurance too.

With so many advantages of providing employees with company cars, why not take a look at all the different cars out there to see if this is a venture worth exploring for your company to help boost your business today.

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