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Beleave in your strengths and go for it!

Posted: March 4, 2017 at 1:19 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Beleave Teas

Shawn Geitner, Founder and Owner of Beleave Teas with a mission is to help customers easily find a tea that they will love to drink and make them feel good joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Shawn Geitner discuss the following:

  • What made you decide to start your own Tea Company?
  • How does your background in Education help you in your business?
  • What do you find to be your biggest challenge as a Mommy Entrepreneur?
  • What is the most rewarding part of what you do now?
  • What three pieces of advice would you give other Mom’s that want to start their own business?

Beleave Teas Inc. was started originally in 2007 when I decided to retire from a seventeen year career as an elementary school and special needs teacher and start my own business. I was always a tea drinker even when I was younger. Growing up in Central Florida meant drinking a great deal of iced tea to combat the heat. My mother drank hot tea in the mornings because she felt that coffee was harsher on her stomach. This idea stayed with me. As I got older I began to enjoy and appreciate Loose Leaf Teas. I found them beautiful to look at in addition to flavorful and aromatic; much more than store bought, mass produced teabags. I became fascinated with all things having to do with tea as I visited local tea rooms with friends and family. I enjoyed the relaxing rituals of making tea and the history and customs that surround this amazing beverage.

For many years I was the only one bringing a thermos of tea to my classroom in the morning instead of the coffee that all of my teammates were carrying. It got me off to a much better start in my day. Being a school teacher, however, requires a vast amount of energy and I was for a long time drinking a soda in the afternoons to give me a lift, but as I got older, I realized that by substituting green or white tea for my usual soda helped me to feel better throughout the day and helped me to maintain my weight more easily.

When I finally decided to take my tea journey to the next level, I knew that I would have to begin officially educating myself on my favorite topic “Tea”. Through various courses, a great deal of reading and attendance at several World Tea Expos, I studied Tea Origins, Tea History, the various Processing Techniques, best brewing practices and health benefits. It was at the World Tea Expo that I met many Tea Growers and Distributors from around the world. I learned about how their teas are grown, where they come from and how they are processed. After tasting literally hundreds of teas and herbals and completing further research on various growers, I carefully chose the growers and distributors that would supply the teas and herbals for my company, Beleave Teas. In the end my choices were based on four important factors: freshness, variety, farming practices and quality.

In 2015 I received International Certification as a Tea Sommelier. This new expertise helps me to make informed Tea choices for my customers and allows me to provide more in depth Tea Presentations which are a huge part of my effort to educate customers and those new to the Tea World about Looseleaf  Teas and Herbals.

I truly want to sell teas that you can Beleave in. That is why they are packaged when ordered, not before, and each order is checked for freshness and quality before it is shipped. My business is based in Florida but we ship anywhere in the U.S. and always include carefully chosen free samples with each order.

As a former teacher, I have found that my education background has proven helpful in teaching people about tea and its ability to soothe, invigorate, relax, and bring many other healthful benefits to its drinkers. I now do large group Tea Presentations as well as more intimate in home Tea Tastings. People love to learn about tea and what it can do for them. By talking with these people, I am able to make informed choices about what they would like to see me offer, whether it’s a new Oolong that will help boost their metabolism or a new Tea making device that will make the process easy for them.

After joining the Southshore Chamber of Commerce I became involved with our Educational Partnership Committee. Beleave Teas and many other local businesses try to provide a link between the SouthShore business community and the educational establishments of the community. This Committee also coordinates annual and ad-hoc events that provide support to local teachers and schools and provides educational opportunities to children and adults in the community. Become a Beleaver!

Beleave Teas


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  • March 6, 2017 at 9:51 pm Linda

    I am a huge fan of Beleave Teas. I have always enjoyed tea over coffee and Shawn has not only taught me a lot about tea but the rewards of drinking tea for our bodies. Her passion, customer service and professionalism is spot on. I look forward to having my daily cup or two a day and wouldn’t order my tea anywhere else. Thank you Shawn and Beleave Tea! Give it a try, if you haven’t already, you’ll be happy that you did!