Preventing workaholic habits from destroying your relationship with your children

Janet M. Nast, a full time author and is about to release the second edition of her book, “You Can’t Love Your Children Too Much, a Single Mom’s Tips for Growing Adults.” this month again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Janet M. Nast discuss the following:

  1. Is it true that being an entrepreneur/ workaholic can affect your relationship with your kids and spouse?
  2. What does a workaholic look like?
  3. There are a lot of hard workers/ workaholics/ entrepreneurs out there who do just that and they have wonderful lives, don’t you think?  
  4. So are you saying that hard work and being an entrepreneur is a bad thing?
  5. I’m sure no one plans to destroy their relationships with their kids: How does it happen?
  6. What are some signs that things aren’t going well at home?
  7. What advice would you give to all those hard workers out there who really are just trying to create a better life for their families?

Jan M. Nast is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She spent her formative years from 7-17 in a few small farming communities in Michigan, and then relocated to Southern California as a young adult.

Jan recently retired after spending over 35 years in the corporate world as an IT Trainer and Documentation Specialist, the last 17 of which she had spent with the Ken Blanchard Companies.

The first edition of her first book, You Can’t Love Your Children Too Much, A Single Mom’s Thoughts on Raising Children, was published (on a dare, with the blessing of her family and the encouragement of Ken Blanchard) on her birthday in 2005.  The second edition of that will be available very soon on

Janet’s second book, Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults, was published in March of 2015, followed by, Future Homes of Bremerton, Next Steps in January of 2017 and then Letters from Boot Camp in November of 2017.

All of her books are inspired by her two children, Jennifer and Alan.

She’s the proud mother of two young, happy and successful adults, and grandmother of three (and a half) beautiful children.  Janet and her husband, Tom, now live somewhat quietly with their “don’t you dare pick me up” orange tabby cat, Bullet.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @janetmnast
YouTube Channel: Janet M Nast

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