Charity is a significant reality of today’s World and is driving so much important things in lives of people that are unimaginable. Charity looks a small word but hundreds of books can be written about it and still you would not run out of words about it.

Charity is taking care of so many things around lives of people. Be it the Health, shelter, education, business or even culture and Religion. There are so many charitable organizations working around the World to provide people with the necessities of life like food, clothes and shelter etc. I should take the opportunity to mention here Gates Foundation which is run by Bill Gates and her wife Melinda Gates and has spent Billions of Dollars directly or indirectly in charitable work most importantly the Anti-Polio campaign in Africa.

There are so many People who give charity at more individual level but the overall output creates a greater impact in lives of people. Some person builds a water tank in a village and so many poor people are able to use it. Someone arranges a School fee of a poor child and let him get the educations and so on; charity can be done in so many different forms.

My Old Friend

Mr. Harris is my neighbor and a good old friend in Los Angeles. We first met when I arrived to United States ten years back for my Residency in Internal Medicine. He used to run a Grocery Store in downtown and was a diligent, hardworking Middle-Aged Man. He helped me to get settled down in my initial days here in the States. Mr. Harris had a wife and one daughter. Over the years his business grew up and at the moment he owns a Grocery stores chain in four states with over 40 branches and is earning in Millions. Though his fortune has increased over hundred folds over the years but he still stays humble. A few months back he was admitted to the Gastroenterology ward in the Hospital where now I work as a consultant with complaints of constipation, a few days later he was diagnosed with colorectal carcinoma at end stage. Although, the treatment has been going on, but the doctors have counseled him about the possible poor outcomes. Mr. Harris has grown into a very resolute man since the deadly disease has hit him. He has been spending away much of his fortune in charity. He discussed to possibility of giving all his fortune to an organization that works against the colorectal carcinoma, so I suggested him to contact our Hospital’s trust which has been running an extensive program against the cancer for past two decades. So after consultation with his lawyer, he has decided to give away 90 percent of his fortune with transfer on death deed to our hospital’s trust. This is surely going to boost the awareness program and Mr. Harris’ generosity will always be remembered.

His wife is an immigrant from Europe and with a few constitutional changes in States recently has caused a few problems for immigrants to inherit assets in US. Mr.Harris asked me for help so I through a friend of mine suggested him to consult Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. with assurance that they will help her wife in getting the remaining wealth of him and also in handling the other legal obligations of her as immigrant. The aforementioned legal advisors are very well known in the Los Angeles. In this way Mr.Harris was able to take care of her wife too.

Charity always work in both ways, it helps both the giver and the taker.”

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