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Power Mood: Unlock Your Confidence, Transform Your Life & Command Your Value

Sam DeMase, Power Mood

Sam DeMase, an internationally recognized Career Coach, Self-Advocacy Expert, and author of the book “Power Mood: Unlock Your Confidence, Transform Your Life & Command Your Value” joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listento hostEric Dye & guest Sam DeMase discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about your book Power Mood and who you wrote it for.
  2. You write about a lot of workplace taboos – such as not discussing salaries, not questioning feedback and more. What are some common misconceptions about what should not be discussed at work?
  3. Your content is for everybody but you specifically help women in the workplace. What are some of the biggest problems they still face today and what can they do to help themselves?
  4. In addition to your book you coach a lot of leaders and women – what are some of the issues they are seeking assistance with?
  5. With remote and hybrid work still in place what do you advise people do to advance their careers with less face time in the office?

Sam DeMase is an internationally recognized Career Coach, Self-Advocacy Expert, author, and speaker with a community of 600,000+ followers on social media (@apowermood). She specializes in teaching women (and everybody!) how to navigate and hack the corporate system, cultivate their careers, and command their value.

Her best-selling digital career tools have been purchased in 30+ countries worldwide. Her expertise has been featured in print (The Washington Post, Fortune, NBC, Business Insider & more), on podcasts, and speaking engagements at companies and universities globally.

She has 13+ years of professional experience in People Operations and holds a BA in Business from NYU. Sam has built global training teams for multi-million-dollar corporations, created world-class training programs from the ground up, coached and developed dozens of inspiring leaders, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and advocated her way up the corporate ladder. She faced many challenges in her career and learned to advocate for herself every step of the way. She is proud to teach other women how to do the same.


Instagram: @apowermood

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