Portland Style Cheesecake & Dessert Company, going strong after 27 years.

Kim Haines

Kim Haines, owner of of the Portland Style Cheesecake & Dessert Co. located in SE Portland, Oregon on 1232 SE Oak Street joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the companies history and more.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Kim Haines discuss the following:

  • Tell me about the history of Portland Style Cheesecake & Dessert Co.  I understand you started originally out of a home kitchen, is that correct?
  • What’s the significance behind your name/brand: Portland “Style” cheesecakes and desserts?
  • What has had the biggest impact on growing your business?
  • Any specific challenges as a female business owner?
  • What are the major differences between your products and your competition?
  • Do you have any major plans or goals to accomplish in the new year?

Kim Haines started the Portland Style Cheesecake & Dessert Co. nearly 27 years ago from her kitchen. She moved to the current 2,500-square-foot SE Portland location in 1996. Haines added cakes, bars and brownies to the menu of products six years ago. Now at age 61, she credits a key business move to diversifying to other desserts such as three sizes of cake. The woman-owned, private business has seven full-time employees that are offered a living wage, paid vacation and health benefits. Haines takes pride in her “extended family” – all of which have worked for her for at least 15 years. For more information, call (503) 235-1415 or visit www.pscheesecake.com.

Portland Style Cheesecake & Dessert LOGO

Website: www.pscheesecake.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pscheesecake

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