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Phoenix Photo Lab – A Great Story of Entrepreneurship

Phoenix Photo Lab
Posted: December 21, 2013 at 2:33 pm / by / comments (0)

Phoenix Photo Lab

Phoenix Photo Lab has been providing the people in Phoenix with high quality photo printing and retouching services from the moment it started. It generates warm responses from the public because most of its customers gain one hundred percent satisfaction from their dealings with the printing company. Positive reviews regarding the remarkable services of Phoenix Photo Lab continue to abound in the past few days and months, and the main reasons behind this include the amazing customer service, high quality printing services, highly advanced printing and scanning equipment, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff of the company.

Phoenix Photo Lab was first known as Colormark, which started back in 1960’s. Colormark operated as a photography business administered by Robert Markow, a renowned and expert photographer in Arizona. Due to the dwindling economy, however, Colormark closed last 2011. The closing of the business was also caused by the death of its owner, Robert Markow.

But in 2012, Dieter Schaefer, a person with a very strong passion for imaging, photography, art and any other areas related to capturing and creating amazing pictures, decided to revive Colormark. He talked to the widow of Robert Markow to find out if she is willing to sell the business in the exact location to him, so he can open it up and run it again. Fortunately, Markow’s widow agreed.

It was in summer in the year 2012 when Colormark was revived, but with another name. Schaefer decided to call it Phoenix Photo Lab and run it with the help of Paul Scotti. Scotti, who was also the operational director of Colormark before, now runs as the general manager of Phoenix Photo Lab. With its almost two years of operation, Phoenix Photo Lab thrives. It has been a huge success lately since it continues to receive great feedback from the public. The printing lab continues the tradition of offering customized photo restoration and finishing services in just the same location. Some of the most popular services at Phoenix Photo Lab are giclee printing and custom canvas printing.

Phoenix Photo Lab, located at McDowell Road, has managers and staff who focus on innovation. The entire staff of the photo printing shop sees wide possibilities from a simple picture. They also focus towards continuing the legacy of Colormark by ensuring that Phoenix Photo Lab will still deliver the kind of customer care, and quality service that the company was known for. Expect the shop to be opened from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon on weekdays (Monday-Friday).

Phoenix Photo Lab can also be expected to flourish in the next few months and years because of the strong passion, and solid knowledge of its owner and manager about the entire photography industry. Schaefer was the owner of Moto Photo in Scottsdale. It operated for more than three years, giving him enough experience in expertly handling affairs of a photo printing business.

Scotti, the manager of Phoenix Photo Lab, on the other hand, has over twenty-five years of experience in customized photo printing, scanning, restoration, finishing and custom printing. Both Scotti and Shaefer also try to focus on establishing strong connections and relationships with their consumers. They also focus on connecting with professional photographers and other experts in the industry. With this, it is no longer surprising why the photo printing company gains regular consumers who really stick to paying for their services.

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