Paperless Expense Management


Tim Hoopmann the CEO and founder of Cornerstone, a bookkeeping business that specialises in streamlining the bookkeeping for SMBs through cloud service again joins Enterprise Radio to discuss paperless expense management.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Tim Hoopmann discuss the following:

  • What suggestion would you make to businesses that need help in management of their finances?
  • What role does one’s expense management play on the rest of the tasks involved with bookkeeping?
  • How does this link in with greater control over cashflow?
  • How was your office prior to going paperless?
  • How much time/costs/etc. has your business saved since going paperless?

Tim Hoopmann is the CEO and founder of Cornerstone, a bookkeeping business specialising in cloud services. Following his years of experience as a consultant and business owner, Tim is now passionate about helping other businesses make the transition to being fully digitised to allow for greater freedom and work/life balance for business owners and employees alike.



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