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Pandemic Podcasts for Practitioner Prosperity

Posted: February 8, 2021 at 12:42 pm / by / comments (0)

Podcasts have emerged as a novel and efficient way of keeping abreast with the latest news and information. Demanding schedules and an intense lifestyle likely means you no longer have the benefit of leisure time. As a result, picking up a book or journal to keep up with the latest advancements in your profession may not be an option.

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For attorneys, this is especially the case. You are continually attending court, briefing clients, and the truth is that you probably lack time to read up on the latest advancements in your profession. What better way to go around this than to listen to podcasts? Below are several legal podcasts that have emerged as essential tools for a lot of attorneys. Through them, lawyers can learn and keep up with the latest trends in the legal field. Such information is invaluable and may even prove useful to your own practice.

1. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

For fifteen long years, this podcast has provided lawyers and law students with new, incisive knowledge on all the latest legal trends. Its popularity is enough proof of its relevance among lawyers. The podcast is run by two actual lawyers, Robert Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams, who have garnered several awards for their podcast.
They are known to provide insightful commentary on a diverse range of legal topics, breaking down complex legal concepts into relatable and straightforward language. Among the many notable topics, the duo has dissected the Panama Papers Scandal and the controversy surrounding contaminated water in Flint, Michigan.

2. Lawyerist Podcast

This next listing is a weekly podcast that is hosted by Aaron Street and Sam Glover. Their discussion is diverse and touches on a wide range of topics that touch on the legal profession. The duo has delved into a whole range of issues from the most effective legal practice management strategies to successful marketing methods and professional ethics. More interestingly, for attorneys, the podcast has a significant bank of knowledge with more than two hundred insightful episodes to choose from.
They have hosted successful attorneys, industry leaders, and legal writers to offer their particular perspectives on many legal issues. However, their primary focus seems to be assisting small and medium-sized law firms to improve their firm management skills and develop as professionals.

3. Law Next

This is yet another podcast that is run by Bob Ambrogi. He is an acclaimed industry expert on how technology is changing the face of the legal profession. In this podcast, he disseminates his broad knowledge on the topic to his listeners, primarily lawyers and law students. As the name suggests, Bob’s focus is on the latest advancements in the field. Through a series of interviews with industry leaders, Bob explores the latest technological trends to hit the industry and new concepts and business models.
The future of the legal profession is undoubtedly undergoing a rapid transformation that has been spurred by technology. Bob offers his predictions and insight into this uncertain future. He has certainly earned his stripes as an industry leader in legal technology, and the success of this podcast is a testament to that fact.

4. Legal Toolkit

Suppose you are a budding, prospective professional looking for valuable insight into transitioning into a fully-fledged law firm. In that case, Legal Toolkit might be just what the doctor ordered. This particular podcast offers insightful content on legal practice management. If you have a practice and are looking for ways and means to improve your service delivery, you too could benefit from this biweekly podcast.
As a legal consultant for lawyers and law firms, the host, Jared D. Correia, is an invaluable resource. He also has considerable hands-on experience with the profession as he was a courtroom attorney himself. He breaks down the latest strategies and best legal management practices through episodes that typically run for not more than an hour.

5. The Gen Why Lawyer

If you are a young attorney, probably born in the eighties or the nineties, you may agree that the legal profession is flooded with older individuals. Most of the content is therefore tailored for older, experienced attorneys. This podcast, however, changes that. It is hosted and run by two energetic lawyers Karima Gulick and Nicole Abboud. Being millennials themselves, they certainly have the personal experience that makes their content relevant.
The content has been specifically designed to imbue a sense of pride and confidence in the younger generation of lawyers as they navigate their new profession. Young lawyers are educated on the benefits of maintaining specific values and principles. The content mainly centers around guiding lawyers in their careers and empowering them in their chosen path.

6. The Law Entrepreneur

It goes without saying that running a law firm is not always about winning cases and acquiring clients. Like every successful business, specific business rules and principles must be applied for your business to succeed. The intersectionality of law and business is a topic that is rarely if ever, explored in law school.
This podcast, therefore, is a valuable resource for many attorneys. It is hosted by Neil Tyra, an attorney whose own frustration with running his own firm spurred him to create a podcast that addressed the issue. Through a series of interviews with accomplished attorneys and experts, Neil offers advice on a range of issues, like how to grow your law firm into a thriving business to market yourself as an attorney.

7. I Am The Law

The next podcast is specifically made to address budding professionals or law students who are still mulling on the particular field of law to specialize in. As such, it is a godsend for many law students who are about to face the real world and the practicalities of legal practice. The podcast consists of twenty-minute episodes where established attorneys from diverse backgrounds and fields discuss their job.
They focus on how their day to day job is actually like and what the students may reasonably expect when they choose this particular path. Through this podcast, law students can learn of any potential challenges or pitfalls that they may encounter along the way. For example, past episodes have featured guests like a public defender who explained what it is like to defend clients who cannot afford to pay for the service and a tax lawyer for the IRS who offered insight on what it is like to work for the government. The information is relevant and is an in-depth analysis of the reality of various fields of practice.

8. Immigration Hour

Hosted by Charles H. Luck, an Atlanta-based immigration attorney, this podcast is the perfect tool for immigration lawyers or students considering it. Through incisive knowledge and experience, Charles, or “Chuck” as he is also known, discusses particular aspects of our country’s immigration law. He is an adjunct Professor of Law at Emory University.

He has previously served as head of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, so you can tell he is an industry leader. This podcast separates the politics of immigration from particular legal aspects. Immigration is a touchy subject in this country, and most people can hardly tell apart the politics from the law. Charles, however, succeeds wildly in discussing the legal aspects.

9. New Solo

Professionals looking to establish a successful practice are never lacking for relevant resources. They may actually be spoilt for choice as so many podcasts touch on this critical subject. However, the best among them all is New Solo, a podcast that addresses such concerns as shifting from a law firm to a solo practice. It also delves into the dos and don’ts of legal practice management. Guests of this podcast are usually successful professionals who have made a name for themselves in the field.
It is a monthly podcast that is hosted by Adriana Linares. It explores the intricacies of solo practice, giving valuable information from interviews with successful solo practitioners.

10. Lawyers Gone Ethical

Through a series of weekly podcasts, the host of Lawyers Gone Ethical, Megan Zavieh, explores the subject of professional ethics at length. Ethics are an integral part of the legal profession, and the standards as to what constitutes misconduct are constantly shifting. Therefore, it is quite critical for attorneys to keep an up to date knowledge of the profession’s ethical standards.

Marketing Podcasts

In addition to the 10 legal podcasts above, here are some law firm marketing podcasts:

  • Law Firm Marketing Decoded by Lawlytics covers Internet Marketing for attorneys.
  • Law Firm Marketing Catalyst aims to fuel revenue growth through thought-provoking interviews with forward-thinking lawyers
  • Law Firm PPC For Lawyers is a weekly podcast about Google Ads, Facebook, and other online marketing strategies for law firms.
  • Personal Injury Marketing Minute is a podcast dedicated to personal injury lawyers who want to make the most of their marketing budgets.
  • Legal Mastermind Podcast is another well known marketing podcast for attorneys.
  • LAWsome is the weekly podcast for lawyers, law firms and legal industry professionals, here to inform, educate and entertain the legal community about the latest in personal and professional development.

Undoubtedly, the legal profession is shifting and changing. Technology has significantly altered the practice of law, changing the ethical rules and standards of the profession. At all times, an attorney should be familiar with his field’s rules and regulations to avoid any instances of professional misconduct. Megan Zavieh addresses these concerns in her podcast.

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