On-demand car care Spiffy CEO discusses the future of services and vehicles as we know it

Scot Wingo, CEO at Spiffy, an on-demand car cleaning technology and services company with the mission to redefine the car washing experience everywhere again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Scot Wingo discuss the following:

  1. You were on the show a year ago, give us an update on what’s new at Spiffy.
  2. You guys released a new product – Spiffy Blue, tell us about that.
  3. There are a lot of changes going on in the world of vehicles, do you guys see that at Spiffy?
  4. Looking at car ownership, what are you guys seeing from the frontlines?
  5. You mentioned car connectivity – what is it and what does it mean for car owners?

Scot Wingo is a four-time serial entrepreneur and industry thought leader in the e-commerce and on-demand economy realms. The former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner (2012) has appeared on CNBC, The Today Show and contributed his expertise to the WSJ, New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, AP, Reuters and many other publications. Recently, he has been featured on outlets like Forbes discussing trends in the trends in the on-demand economy.


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