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Not Just Blowin’ Smoke: How a 20-something CEO Built a Vape Empire in Just Four Years

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Nicholas DeNuccio, Co-Founder/CEO of Propaganda Premium E-Liquid, which manufactures and distributes five distinct e-liquid lines currently available in 5,000 + US vape shops and 40 countries around the world joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Nicholas DeNuccio discuss the following:

  1. You started your company four years ago when you were only 18. Give us the abbreviated version of your journey so far.
  2. Why do disruptive industries, like the vape business, offer more opportunities for young entrepreneurs?
  3. Once you’ve determined your target industry, what’s your first step, even before product development?
  4. What comes after the initial product development? How do you introduce it to the market?
  5. How do you pace yourself? In other words, how do you determine when to invest in office space, employees, equipment, etc.?
  6. What’s next for you? Are you looking at other product and/or service categories or will you continue to focus on the vape/e-liquid space?

As co-founder/CEO of Propaganda Premium E-Liquid, Nicholas DeNuccio is a 23 year old entrepreneur with a passion for creating original, innovative brands in disruptive industries like the rapidly growing vape business.

DeNuccio started Propaganda with $200 and a clear goal: to be one of the top-selling premium e-liquid companies in the world. He spent hours of research and design time developing flavors that feature high-quality ingredients at just the right percentages to create what is known in the industry as an “all-day vape.”

Fast forward to 2018, DeNuccio now oversees a thriving operation comprised of 30 millennial employees who handle everything from flavor development, production and sales to accounting, customer relations and fulfilment, while he personally spearheads all of the company’s varied marketing campaigns.

Propaganda currently manufactures and distributes five distinct e-liquid lines available in 5,000+ U.S. vape shops and 40 countries around the world.

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