Changing the Tempo: A Young Team of Food Industry Outsiders Set Their Sights on Bubbly Beverages

Ryan Crane (CEO) and Grant Williams (Director) of Tempo join Enterprise Radio to talk about the value of being industry outsiders and how small brands can make a big impact.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Ryan Crane and Grant Williams discuss the following:

  1. What was your inspiration for creating Tempo?
  2. You all had stable careers before starting Tempo. How did you overcome the fear of the unknown and decide to take that leap into entrepreneurship?
  3. Why take on a beverage industry dominated by big brands with big budgets? And what type of advice would you give to young entrepreneurs looking to create a new brand in a competitive market?
  4. How do you find your customer niche?
  5. How can new brands with a limited budget grow their awareness beyond a regional presence?
  6. What does the future hold for Tempo?

Ryan Crane brings nearly a decade of professional experience in business and finance to Tempo.  Throughout his early career, Ryan has developed deep understanding of the corporate strategy and financial DNA that fuel consumer-facing companies. Ryan holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (honors), and holds an A.B. in Neuroscience / Psychology from Princeton University (magna cum laude). He is also a CFA Charter holder.

Grant Taylor Williams is a multi-disciplinary innovator, previously working in electronics R&D and innovating in the medical devices, data analytics, and smart home technology spaces.. He earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and his Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Grant brings an analytical approach to sales and customer insights. 

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