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My Ex Back Coach and Relationship Expert

Posted: January 22, 2020 at 11:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Lee Wilson, My Ex Back Coach and Relationship expert with over a decade of experience joins Enterprise Radio. His interviews  has landed him in features in Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Daily Mail, Metro, Vice, The Sun, Yahoo, Glamour and more.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lee Wilson discuss the following:

  1. How did you decide to become an “Ex BackCoach” or Breakup & Relationship Expert? 
  2. Tell us about the type of services you offer? 
  3. Is it possible for a couple or a married couple to get over infidelity and move forward? 
  4. You’re a big advocate on the “No  Contact Rule”? Why does this strategy help? 
  5. Can you tell the audience about the Breakup kit?

Lee has lectured at several universities including Pepperdine University.  He is a Verified Expert, received Family Dynamics certifications along with His Needs/Her Needs Certifications in addition to assisting with multiple Ph.D research projects on relationships and the science of human attraction. In 2011 he co-founded a nonprofit organization that works to save marriages from divorce, but moved on to more effectively help such couples – married and not married.

He helps women and men get their ex back as a relationship coach. Lee has a heart for people who are hurting because of lost love and was mentored by one of the world’s leading Ph.D. scholars on human sexuality, attraction, and relationship dynamics from 2000-2019.

As the developer of the Emergency Breakup Kit and the Emergency Marriage Kit, he has constantly improved and upgraded his strategies to help people get back with their ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, or spouse.

After being a marriage consultant with two nonprofit organizations for several years, Lee went out on his own and started coaching both men and women on how to get their ex back after a breakup or separation and also on how to improve their relationships to prevent breakups, separation, or divorce.

Military testing placed Lee in the top 1 percentile in pattern recognition and decoding speed. That gift helps him identify situations, solutions, and often to project outcomes.

As a relationship expert, Lee’s experience combined with his level head make him a mastermind to turn to after a breakup or separation because your first instincts are almost always the exact wrong thing to do and can push your ex away.

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