Lunatec Gear, an innovative product line for those looking to travel smarter


Nick Rhea, President and Founder of Lunatec Gear, an innovative product line for those looking to travel smarter joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Travel Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Nick Rhea discuss the following:

  • What is Lunatec Gear and what spurred the idea for the innovative product designs?
  • This is a family business. Tell us about how your family came together to create the various products.
  • One of your most innovative products is what is called the Aquabot. Describe that and what are some uses or advantages to a water bottle that also can spray 25-feet?
  • Tell us about your other products the Trekr and Scrubr and the various advantages to using the products?
  • The Scrubr has something called QuickDri technology, tell us about that.
  • With travel season coming up these are versatile products for traveling. Do most use your products while on the road?
  • What are some of the disadvantages to current products on the market that may exist such as the dishcloths and sponges?
  • What is your advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a new product?
  • Are there any additional products in the works or where do you see your company a year from now?

nick rheaNICK RHEA, President & Founder Nick sneaked out of his house when he was six years old to follow his dad to work. Why? At a minimum he wanted to know where his dad went every morning. After running 6 blocks he lost sight of his dad’s truck, but found  something else, the excitement and satisfaction in adventure. Luckily, Nick has been able to combine his curiosity for adventure and business to found Lunatec. He believes inconveniences are riddled opportunities. Nick received his MBA degree from San Diego State University in 2007 and was a board member for Outdoor Outreach, a non-profit committed to empowering at-risk and underprivileged youth to make positive, lasting changes in their lives through comprehensive outdoor programming.

Lunatec Gear


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