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Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes: How one husband and wife team re-invented a Catering and Events company during the pandemic!

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Jen Earnest, Co-Founder and host of Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes and Co-Founder of Chef’s Garden Events and Catering joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jen Earnest discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes – what are they and what makes them special?
  2. Your core business is Chef’s Garden Events and Catering in the South- and understand when the pandemic hit your business suffered.  Tell us how you re-invented your business with the Virtual Cooking Classes and how you did that?
  3. What is your background Jen and that of your partner Husband?
  4. How has the Jen & Jamey Virtual Cooking classes been received since your inception?
  5. Who are they intended for – businesses, individuals and who are some of your clients?

Conclusion: When the Pandemic hit our successful Chef’s Garden Events and Catering Company nearly went under. We lost nearly 2 million dollars with cancellations of preplanned events. To keep our team of 30 intact we had to ‘re-invent’ our business. The combined need of connecting people, the love of food and cooking helped us to create the silver lining in our business and how is the Jen and Jamey Virtual Cooking Classes Online. This has taught us to fight for our business and think positively.

Jen & Jamey are the husband-and-wife team behind Chef’s Garden Catering & Events and Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes. 

As a team they have coordinated, catered, and hosted some of Florida’s most pre-eminent events with clients and attendees that range from former United States Presidents to International Dignitaries, Film stars and Professional athletes.

During the Pandemic, their business partnered up with non-profit Feeding Northeast Florida and provided the labor to cook donated food for homebound seniors.

While they love the pomp and circumstance of a big event, their passion is rooted in creating connections through a great meal. They share a love of multi-cultural cuisine and a belief that food should not only be at the heart of life’s greatest celebrations, but that cooking great food should be a part of our regular life. In these busy times, they know the art of cooking and entertaining can get lost in the shuffle, so Jen & Jamey are on a mission to teach people that cooking great cuisine can be fun and approachable.


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