Is there a CRM system in the world taking into account finance?

CRM is a system for managing relationships, customer contacts. Companies develop such systems together with the leaders of the finance industry, which allows us to offer solutions that optimally meet the requirements of banking and financial institutions.

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Compared to standard CRM solutions, they have a number of advantages.

Access regardless of geography

The level of services of the investment and financial departments of the bank is supported by the ability to access business data and customer data in real time and from anywhere.

Representing clients according to a uniform standard

The use of CRM for financial advisors allows you to combine all employees of the sales department into one system, even if they are actually separated by time zones and distance. Thanks to this, sales managers, customer relations managers, as well as leading managers of investment groups receive an interface that provides a convenient work with clients.

Providing general information about the client

CRM allows you to get both qualitative and quantitative information about the client, which gives the management the ability to objectively and quickly identify the most promising clients (including target ones), regardless of geography.

Organization of reporting between branches and other structural divisions

It makes it possible to analyze marketing activities, as well as adjust the work strategy for various clients.

IT security

CRM has an effective system security model, providing access to special information to authorized users in accordance with the configured access rights. Access to different blocks of business information can be distributed according to user roles, which allows you to adapt the model to specific requirements.

CRM allows you to distribute information across departments and different departments of a financial organization in accordance with internal rules and policies. As a result, management gains high flexibility in defining authentication rules.


Freshoffice is a cloud ecosystem that combines business applications: CRM, marketing tools, online consultant, inventory control, cash accounting, projects, deals, bulk email service and much more. CRM will help to build a full cycle of the company’s work in one system at no extra cost.

With the help of analytics tools, you can calculate KPIs, work efficiency, generate an ROI report to determine the ratio of promotion costs and payments received from customers who came through advertising.

What is included in the service?

CRM with segmentation of the customer base by types, statuses and categories:

  1. Tasks – scheduling, reminders and creating cyclical tasks.
  2. Trades – open trades, expected revenue and the amount of closed trades.
  3. Sales funnel – analytics constructor.
  4. Key indicators – express analysis of 4 indicators.
  5. Documents – document flow with the document designer.
  6. Finance – receipts, expenses, forecasting.
  7. Telephony – buying a phone number directly in the system, making calls and recording conversations. FreshOffice works with any PBX and has call center management.
  8. Analytics – allows you to keep detailed statistics on various activities, monitoring efficiency and tracking the process in real time.
  9. Mailing – 5000 thousand letters every month for free. Working with email newsletters with filters and personal requests.
  10. Online chat – helps to communicate with visitors to the website, Facebook page, Vkontakte and connect the Telegram channel.
  11. Instant messaging within the company, notifications about important events.
  12. Integration with email – work with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook and others.

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