Innovapptive, helping improve people’s lives with the next generation Connected Worker Platform

Sundeep Ravande, the CEO of Innovapptive, a platform that digitally connects the entire industrial workforce, executives and back office to minimize plant outages and improve operational excellence joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Sundeep Ravande discuss the following:

  1. Describe Innovapptive and the goal of the company.
  2. Tell us more about Innovapptive solutions and how it helps the “connected worker” and briefly define what you consider as the “connected world”.
  3. Do you feel technology has had to adapt to the changing COVID-19 environment and if so, how?
  4. You indicate that there are challenges that every operation will have to face to keep their operation running to bridge the gap between manufacturing skills. Tell us about those gaps.
  5. Who are some of your clients and what industries do you service. Is it only the manufacturing field?
  6. What do you feel are the five business challenges a company is faced with during this time?
  7. Provide some tips on what companies can do to be successful during these challenging times?

Sundeep Ravande is the CEO of Innovapptive Inc. and believes in a better way of running plant based operations. In most enterprises, operations are a set of tedious linear steps – slow, inaccurate and highly inefficient. Sundeep believes in a world where field work can be done faster, cheaper and safer. He envisions Innovapptive to be at the center of all plant-based conversations between humans, machines and workflows. By digitally and autonomously connecting humans, machines, and workflows in the 21st Century Economy, Sundeep aims to create a “Connected Workforce” experience for 11 million field workers across the globe.

Prior to co-founding Innovapptive Inc, Sundeep worked with several Big 5 consulting firms, such as IBM & Accenture, serving several Fortune 500 clients such as Verizon, Shell, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Coca-Cola and FMC Corporation to help them re-invent and re-imagine their business operations with digital technologies.


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