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Top Apps to Record Your Podcasts On

Posted: August 4, 2020 at 10:09 am / by / comments (0)

Podcasts have become very popular in recent times. Only a few weeks ago, did Spotify announce a multi-million dollar deal with Joe Rogan to get him to move to their platform from YouTube. Joe Rogan is one of the world’s biggest podcasts and has got all the big names from Bernie Sanders to Jordan Peterson on his podcast which he uploads on his YouTube channel reaching out to millions of subscribers across the world.

There are many other popular podcasts like Sam Harris who does many new philosophical debates as well as a lot of funny ones like Andrew Shulz. The amazing thing is that there are podcasts on literally any subject you can imagine, from enthusiastic fans talking about vintage comic books to young music fans exploring classic music to would-be entrepreneurs doing multi-part series on bitcoin roulette there is hardly any hobby, pet passion and obscure interest that you can’t find a podcast on. Not all of them will be great, of course, but many will.

The other thing that one must be careful about is the software and the hardware one uses for recording these podcasts. A lot of times this can make or break a good podcast. Sometimes your guest could be in a flow of ideas and a bad mic or recording software could kill the priceless moment. Some people like to record podcasts through apps especially if the guest is not face to face. There are many such apps available in the market and we have listed out some of the best of them here for you.

Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio is a very popular Android app for podcasters. This app does the twin job of both recording your podcast as well as broadcasting it live. You can even add background music and sound effects through this app to make it more engaging for the listener. The app has its own hosting service where you can do the final packaging like title and cover art. The only disadvantage of this app is that it only allows 15 minutes of record time.


Anchor is a fun and simple to use app that is free and highly intuitive for users. The best feature of this app is that it allows you to record with multiple people and your listeners can also call in. There is a limit of up to 10 people that one can record at any given point. The Anchor also has a great analytics feature that helps to understand your audience which can allow you to tweak your programming better.


Podbean is a paid hosting service for podcasts and the plans begin from $3 a month for about 100MB storage. Their app is also a service where you can discover podcasts across genres apart from producing your own. The interface is very simple and it allows you to add music and sound effects as well. The editing process is also elaborate and yet very intuitive. With podcasts becoming immensely popular as mentioned in this article, it might be a good idea to sign up for something that is long term.

Apart from these apps, it might be a good idea to also check out an app called Audio Recorder although it’s not made specifically for podcasts. However, it still has some powerful recording features which might serve podcasters very well.

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