Improve Your Soil Quality And Productivity With An Aerator

Gardening is one of the common hobbies and pastimes for most people. However, a fair percentage of the people do not consider it as just a hobby. They believe their plants and lawns as a part of their family. They spend so much time and energy grooming and maintaining their garden. However, even the best effort can become futile without the right action and care. A simple mistake could neutralise hard work and vision. One of the common mistakes that disrupt the plant growth and lower productivity is the lack of proper aeration. This common yet essential factor could be overseen amidst the expensive fertilisers and tools. 

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Here are some fundamental elements that can help improve soil quality and productivity:

What Is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of loosening the topsoil to improve seepage to the lower layer. Most soils tend to become coagulate and dense over time. This can happen due to weather conditions, soil type and excessive usage. Aeration is essential as productivity would be affected if the soil loses its value. Though it might not be visible, it would be evident from specific actions. It is imperative to look for these signs to take appropriate action. Some of these symptoms include

Excessive Dryness

Excessive dryness is the first sign of soil damage. The waterlogging tendency would be an ideal way to identify this sign. People can also feel the soil to determine its flexibility. It would be a perfect time to invest in an aerator at this sign. 

Lifeless Grass

The grass on the lawn should always look healthy and green.  Sometimes, the yard and the plants look dull and pale. Even the best fertiliser in the market would not be able to rectify the situation. This can be handled by properly and adequately aerating the soil.

Increased Movement

Most people take caution to avoid stepping off the grass. However, this cannot be avoided under all circumstances.  A family party or summer vacation could significantly improve the footfalls. Always consider investing in an aerator, so it would be useful after these events. This would be a feasible plan to aerate the soil after the party as it could loosen the top layer. 

In addition to knowing the signs, it is also essential to understand the benefits. The primary advantage of aeration is that it significantly increases nutrient availability. The plants require an adequate supply of the nutrients for growth and sustenance. The aerators would mix the soil and allow seepage of nutrients, air and water. The next benefit is that it relieves the soil pressure. The hardened soil would reduce the land’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. Though it might not be visible initially, it can be seen through the health of the plants. Finally, the right choice of equipment would also make an impact on the outcome. This choice could be based on the soil type and usage. Aeration is a simple and yet effective task that would significantly improve soil quality and enhance its productivity.

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