Important T​ips to select right Taxi Services while at airport

Taxis are one of the most frequent means of transportation, especially for inner-city destinations, or from and to airports, ports, and bus terminals. People are willing to pay for taxis for convenience, security and more privacy than public transport.

Unfortunately, in fact a taxi ride does not always give a sense of comfort and security. Taxi passengers often get upset by unscrupulous drivers who do not want to use meter yards, demand more money (some kind of tip), pretend that they do not have change, or passengers are deliberately swirled around, and in some cases the taxi driver even becomes the perpetrator of the robbery. These days a lot of robbery and theft cases have are being filed. So, it is better to be safe and take precautions than to fall in the prey of bad taxi drivers.

How to get a taxi to remain comfortable and safe? 

The safest way is to get a taxi from the taxi company via phone. With this search, order data such as taxi number (gastric number or police number), driver’s name will be recorded, and your data as a buyer is recorded at the taxi company. If then there is a problem, such as poor service and you want to submit a complaint the search will be easier. But before calling, make sure that you choose the right taxi company, whose service is the best. Look for a taxi company profile that can be trusted. Choose a taxi fleet that has a booking number as well as a complaint service.

If you are in a city or a new area that you are not familiar with and it is not possible to get sufficient information about the taxi company profile, ask the help of the hotel or lodging officer to book a taxi. Usually, the hotel cooperates with a reputable taxi company. Another way to get the best taxi is to take a taxi from its official base, such as hotels, hospitals, or shopping centers. Places like that, generally only allow certain taxis that are considered to have a good reputation but also make sure your safe.

Hiring taxi somewhere in the middle of road

If you have to stop a taxi on the side of the road, choose a taxi fleet from a taxi company that you know has good service. Do not stop any taxis and go straight in. Pay attention to the characteristics of the taxi fleet such as the name, color, company logo and the hull number and police number of the vehicle.

Tips for hiring taxi at night

At night, hire a taxi in a crowded and well lit place so you can pay attention to all the characteristics of the taxi.

Be vigilant to know the taxi appearance for safety

When entering you should not immediately close the door , take a moment to notice whether in the cab has typical characteristics of a taxi in general, such as whether the photo on the driver’s identification card with the driver’s face, whether the taxi number sticker is listed on the same as the listed outside the cab. Also note the appearance of the driver, whether he has dressed up neatly or not. If you are unsure of the driver’s appearance and the condition of the taxi fleet, do not hesitate to cancelConduct the cancellation politely but firmly. In such cases, there is no obligation for prospective passengers to give money to taxi drivers. But if you feel uncomfortable (because you already stop), just giving away is worth your opinion.

If the taxi is already on the road and you decide not to continue the trip due to some suspicions, stop the crowded taxi. You should remember the name and number of the taxi hull, or inform it to friends or family.

Always travel with tariff rates

Taxi drivers also often round up the number of tariffs listed on the meter. Do not ever accept rounding up unless you’re willing to tip more than that number. About tip, in some countries a tip for taxi drivers is a must therefore if abroad you should learn local customs. In Indonesia a tip is not a requirement (culture) although there are drivers who expect it.

Do not accept taxi from broker

At the airport, never accept a taxi offer from brokers. Such taxis are usually unofficial and are prone to fraud or extortion. Look for the official T2 Traslados. You just find the airport taxi counter, mention the destination area, there already listed the amount of tariffs to be paid.

Carpooling taxi

If you are interested to use a taxi with a bulk system (do not use meter), make sure you get a reasonable price. In such a case, it is good if you know how far your destination is so that you can estimate what the price for the trip. It is better to carry a map of the new location.

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