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I Can Do Anything, A Latino’s Guide to Choosing A Career with Carolyn Mattocks

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Carolyn Mattocks' Picture

Carolyn Mattocks, the Founder & CEO of the “I CAN DO ANTHING ORGANIZATION INC & the author of the new book in the series called “I Can Do Anything, A Latino’s Guide to Choosing A Career.” joins us once again on Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Carolyn Mattocks discuss the following:

  • For those who missed the broadcast when you were last with us, what is the mission of the “I Can Do Anything” Organization, Inc.?
  • Your new book in a series called “I Can Do Anything. A Latino’s Guide to Choosing A Career.” What was the inspiration behind the decision to write this book for the latino community?
  • How does it help exactly the latino community choose a career?
  • What particular careers do you discuss in the “I Can Do Anything” series?
  • About how many children or youth are involved with the program?
  • How can one learn about the “I Can Do Anything” organization, book, and program?


Carolyn Mattocks is a summa cum laude graduate of North Carolina Central University with a B.A. in History. She also has a M.P.A. in Public Administration from North Carolina State University. Ms. Mattocks has a love and passion for History. She has worked in diverse settings such as federal agencies and academic institutions.

I Can Do Anything, A Latino's Guide to Choosing A Career

Her accomplishments include the following:

  • Taught American History, African American History, World History, European History, and Career Planning and Personal Development at the community college and college levels
  • Presented on the topic “College Success Strategies” at the College of Southern Maryland
  • Presented on the topic of diversity at the College of Southern Maryland
  • Wrote the series, “Do Not Let Your Education Be A Rip-Off”
  • Authored the I Can Do Anything book/program
  • Presented at the South Carolina Council for African American Studies
  • Presented at the Annual Youth Conference at Morgan State University
  • Contributed to Best Selling College Guide, “5 Must Know Secrets For Today’s College Girl”
  • Interviewed with the “Daily National” in New York, N.Y.
  • CEO/Founder, “I Can Do Anything” Organization, Inc.


  • Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society
  • Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society
  • Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society
  • Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities

Professional Associations

North Carolina Central University Alumni Association
North Carolina State University Alumni Association
Association for the Study of African American Life and History
Association for Professional Business Writers
Biltmore Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals
National Association of Professional Women

Topics that Author can speak on:

  • “I Can Do Anything” motivational program
  • History-African American, American, World, and European
  • Academic Achievement and Success
  • College Success Strategies
  • Diversity
  • Career Planning and Personal Development
  • Life Skills

Contact Information
Phone: 443-326-7191

I Can Do Anything, A Latino's Guide to Choosing A Career


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