Investments recommended for retirement savings with Ron Surz of Covestor

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Ron Surz, Portfolio Manager on the Covestor platform joins Enterprise Radio. Surz also serves as President and CEO of PPCA Inc and Target Date Solutions and Senior Vice President of Product Strategy for eVestment.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Ron Surz discuss the following:

  • What investments do you recommend for retirement savings? For individuals & for plan sponsors?
  • How can investors achieve appropriate diversification and risk controls?
  • How about hedge funds?
  • Any suggestions for do-it-your-selfers?
  • What is your market outlook?

Duration: 14:51

Ron Surz is a Portfolio Manager on the Covestor platform, where investors can copy his investment strategy. He is also President and CEO of 2 companies, both headquartered in San Clemente California. PPCA Inc. innovates market and manager research approaches, and Target Date Solutions developed the patented Safe Landing Glide PathR.

Ron is also Senior Vice President of Product Strategy for eVestment in Marietta GA,  a global provider of institutional investment data intelligence and analyses.



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