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How vaping changed Daniel’s life

Posted: January 21, 2021 at 7:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Allow us to share the experience of a daily smoker by the name of Daniel who after taking up vaping, turned his life around.

Daniel had a rough upbringing, from abusive parents to an unbearable surrounding, Dan faced difficulties at every turn in his life. To get out of this mess and bear through the misery, Daniel took up smoking at the age of 14 when he was just a freshman in his new high school. Dan’s neighbourhood friends weren’t the kind of companions you’d want your kids to hang out with, yet Dan had no other option. Being very supportive of Dan’s new habit, his “friends” had him try out different tobacco-related products until Dan made up his mind and took up smoking cigarettes. 

Photo by Renz Macorol from Pexels

Being clueless about the pros and cons of cigarettes, Dan had no clue what he was getting himself into and soon was addicted. Cigarettes became part of Dan’s daily routine, he couldn’t go through an hour without smoking the occasional cigarette. It was the only good thing Dan had going for him at the time and it wasn’t something he was looking to quit anytime soon, and he had no reason to do that since his so-called friends were so supportive of the new habit.

Christmas of 2014:

In late 2014 around Christmas time, Dan had just turned 18 and was finally free to do anything he wanted, whether it was to leave the awful environment he grew up in or to take up a new habit, Daniel could finally do whatever he wanted without anyone raising an eye. Daniel wanted to move out after graduating high school, which he had done with ease and straight A’s, this was bound to happen until Dan opened his Christmas gift and to his surprise, had a Macbook waiting for him. 

After constantly using his new laptop, Dan was just now figuring out the wonders of the internet and decided to look up new things to try. From CBD to THC, Dan had every option wrapped around his finger. This changed quickly when Dan started reading articles about the disadvantages of the habits he was thinking about taking up and the ones he was already indulging in, like cigarettes. Soon he realized that he would rather quit than to face the consequences that come with smoking, but this wasn’t as easy as Dan had expected. 

After months of trying different strategies to quit the habit he’d taken on as a kid, he was about to give up until his girlfriend suggested a miracle known as Vaping. 

How Daniel found peace:

With a bit of research on Vaping, Dan had decided to give electronic cigarettes a try and after equipping himself with the right apparatus and visiting sites to get UK e juice, Dan realised that he no longer had the same passion for cigarettes that he used to, vaping seemed more fun and reliable in the long run than cigarettes. Very soon Dan found himself back in the right state of mind and went to college, graduated with straight A’s and found a career in chemical engineering. This is how vaping changed Daniel’s life for the better.

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