How To Super Smash Bros Brawl WII Game On PC: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are someone who has not played fighting games till now, but wants to start playing the genre, then super smash bros brawl is your go-to game. This game is specially designed for rookie players in this genre of games. But no matter how preliminary the game is, it always helps to know a bit about it first. It helps to build up your confidence. So we have brought to you some basic information about the game that would serve as the fundamental base for you to then become a master at it. What is the wait for then? Read along!

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Main characters in the game:

Choosing a character in the game is the most important and crucial job that you will have to face. You must choose a character who is not too fast and can be easily handled. This will help you to understand your footing in the game. The characters which are not too fast, have easy movements are recommended for users who are amateurs at this game. Here are some characters that you can choose from in the game. You can also experiment with some of these when you are comfortable enough with the game.

  • Mario
  • Kirby
  • Pikachu
  • Donkey Kong
  • Fox
  • Link
  • Marth

Moves that you must master:

You can download the Super Smash Bros Brawl ROM in Nintendo and then start playing the game on tour PC. Bu`t there is another thing that you would require if you want to play the game. You need the move. There are various moves that the characters have that they must use in the game. These moves will help you to move forward in the game. Let’s take a look at them then.

  • Standard attacks:

These are the most basic forms of attacks in the game. If you push the button A on the controller you can set a basic attack into motion. Sometimes you can also keep on holding the button for a longer time. This will increase the length of the period for which the character is launching the attack. These attacks are favoured by the user as they are fast enough to wound the enemy. But this works only when the enemy is slower than you.

  • Special attacks:

If you push the button “B” it will launch a series of some special attacks on the opposite party. These attacks depend on the kind of character you are using. Special attacks are customised according to the kind of abilities of the character you have chosen in the game. They put the essence of thrill in the game. 

  • Smash attacks:

These are the most important of the tricks that you must learn if you want to survive in and become the master of Super Smash Bros Brawl. These do take a bit more time than basic attacks, but are better than special attacks. The time that they take up is to prepare the attack to cause maximum damage. You can either hold on to the right analogue stick or you can keep the left analogue stick towards you while holding onto the A button. The later only develop the intensity of the attack.

  • Other movements

The other basic movements such as ducking, or moving forward, left or right, can be done with the left analogue stick itself. Slamming the stick to the left or right will cause your character to perform a run. This could be an amazing little trick to run towards your enemy while you are about to launch a smash attack.

The game is pretty easy to play. Its easy user interface is one of the many good things about the game that attracts players.

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