How to Surprise Someone Special

Those who are lucky to have someone special in their lives will probably think about treating them from time to time with a surprise – and if they don’t, here is a sign to do so!

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It can be challenging to choose a surprise that says “I know you” or “I am thinking about you”, so this piece is filled with some unique ideas that can help to search for the ideal surprise much easier.

“You do not need to be a whiz in the kitchen!”

Cook Something Special as a Surprise

Food is one of the quickest ways to get to many people’s hearts, so if this special someone has a favorite dish or snack, why not cook it for them? There are plenty of easy to follow recipes online, so there is no need to already be a whiz in the kitchen. Most people will appreciate the effort that you have gone to, so cook a meal for them, especially if you have remembered their favorite!

“Take them somewhere to create new memories.”

Surprise Someone with a New Destination

If your special someone loves to visit the beach, they would be overjoyed to have a surprise trip to one they have never visited before. This goes for any destination that could be a hit, whether it is nearby or a faraway dream destination. Taking them somewhere new can create memories and also tells that special someone “I know what you enjoy!”. Alternatively, why not take them to the first meeting place? This also gives out great vibes of caring and paying attention, and shows it is something special for both parties.

 “Send a surprise in the post… monthly!”

Send A Surprise Subscription Box

Few things are more exciting that surprise items turning up at the door, which they have not ordered! A subscription box is a neat way to show someone they are important to you and is the gift that keeps on giving! There are so many subscription boxes available now that there is bound to be something perfect. How about a Japanese candy subscription box for those that enjoy Japanese delicacies? That is most certainly unique. Also an idea is to try for those who love vaping and trying out different e-juice flavors!

“Get crafty for that special someone.”

Make A Surprise Photo Collage 

Photos are precious. They are the hard copies of memories that can be shared time and time again. Putting the time and effort into making a photo collage is a low -cost but high impact gift that can make a pleasant surprise. Another great thing about photo collages is that they can be personalized, too, with many different designs and styles to choose from.

“Design a personalized bouquet.”

Send Flowers

Flowers are a classic, and classics are often classics for a good reason! They brighten up décor, they smell great, and they can often say things where the right words just cannot be found.

Flowers as a surprise are almost always appreciated when the effort has gone into it. Think about their favorite flowers and colors, and create a bouquet that says, “this is just for you”.

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