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How To Start Up A Successful Comparison Site

Posted: May 14, 2019 at 9:38 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

With the Ecommerce revolution price comparison sites have become very popular. The concept is very simple: the comparison websites are showing customers all the different options and prices and help them save money when they are shopping online. Since everything is in one place, the readers can save lots of time as they don’t have to research and compare the options themselves. In the comparison website, they do find everything in one place. For the comparison website owner, it is an excellent opportunity to get affiliate sales commission and also advertising. 

In recent years we have seen those popping up in several industries and the opportunities are endless. Starting a price comparison website though is not a walk in the park and it does require technical expertise and also a reliable way of acquiring price data. In this article, we will take you through all the steps to follow to start up a comparison website. 

1. Select a niche

The revenue possibility of a price comparison site completely depends on its niche. You would have to select the right nice and get the right readers in order to be successful. For instance Casino Biggest Bonus they are focusing on the casino industry. They display and review the different bonuses that are offered by the many online casino operating in the UK. Price comparison sites tend to work better with consumer focused products. It is also important to review what are the buying decision of the products before selecting the niche. 

2. Affiliate partnership

How can you monetise your traffic? Well, the first revenue source of a price comparison site is undoubtedly affiliate marketing. The majority of ecommerce portals do have an affiliate system which pays out commission for the sales that you have referred. To get moving with this, you would have to sign up as a business partner on Ecommerce portals that you will display in your price comparison. As soon as you get accepted as an affiliate partner, you will be given a referrer links that you can use in your site. It usually is straightforward being accepted as an affiliate partner. 

3. The technical side

This is the hardest part of starting a price comparison website. There are lots of different ways to set up the price comparison engine that will support your comparison portal. Some are more technical than others but generally, those are the options.

Build it from scratch

You can hire a programmer capable of delivering the price comparison engine that you have in mind. This is obviously an expensive way to go but the advantage is that you can get the product as you want it. It will also deliver in flexibility but on the other hand it will require more time. If you are keen to start as soon as possible and with a reduced budget you should look for a different option. 

Price comparison scripts

You don’t have to build a price comparison engine from scratch as you can use ready-made scripts that should allow you to build one fast. Lots of scripts are coded in PHP and can be integrated without too many problems into your web application. The cons of this approach are that those scripts might not completely fulfil all the requirements that you have. 

WordPress plugins

With WordPress you can do almost everything. It is dynamic and very versatile platform and there are plenty of great WordPress plugins that will transform your site in a price comparison one. The great thing about those is that you don’t have to be a coder or developer to install and set them up. 

4. Data acquisition

Now that you have everything to build your price comparison website, you would need to source the data. Since this is the primary fuel of any price comparison website, you would need to find a solid way to aggregate and feed the data into your site. A solution for this would be to use a web scraping service provider for the price data. It is key that the quality of the data would have to be top notch to the price comparison website to be useful to readers and therefore become successful. 


Affiliate marketing is surely a great revenue source which can make your price comparison site successful. Even though there are some hurdles to overcome, building a price comparison site it is not as complicated as it might look. Once you would have it set up, you would need to focus on keeping the price comparison site alive and drive more relevant traffic so you can grow your business.

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