How to Start Crisis Preparation with Three Steps

Christopher R. Manske, a CFP® as well as owner and operator of Manske Wealth Management and the Author of the upcoming book, The Prepared Investor again joins Enterprise Radio to discuss what to learn now to prepare for the next crisis.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Christopher R. Manske discuss the following:

  1. There is a lot going on in the world globally and we are in crisis mode when you consider the world stage. You have a new book coming that speaks to how to start crisis preparation with three steps. First tell us about your upcoming book ‘The Prepared Investor’.
  2. What are some steps identified in the book on how to start preparing for a crisis.
  3. Let’s talk about globally what’s happening. Many people are scared to invest right now or maybe they have invested and are scared overall about if they are losing money. What do you say to that? Is it smart to have a knee jerk reaction and pull out of the market?
  4. Similarly, they are talking about a second stimulus plan. Are stimulus plans the answer right now?
  5. You say that the next crisis is going to look a lot like past crises. In fact, we’re doomed to keep repeating history — and that’s, kind of, a good thing. Can you explain that?
  6. What are some questions one can ask themselves to know they are on track for the second half of the year and being fiscally responsible?
  7. Next time around, how do we ensure that we are prepared ahead when a global crisis hits and what are some tips one can take right now to help them financially survive Covid-19?
  8. When do you know it is time to engage with a financial advisor to help with your financial goals?

Christopher R. Manske, CFP® is owner and operator of Manske Wealth Management and the Author of the upcoming book, The Prepared Investor. Over his twenty-year investing career, Manske spent two of them as the Lead Financial Advisor to the University of Texas Employee Assistance Provider where he served a public and private population of over 100,000 people. He also spent over a decade with Merrill Lynch where he was often recognized in the top fraction of one percent of financial advisors. He was selected to help train thousands of financial advisors across the country so they could better build a world class wealth management practice within the Merrill Lynch platform.

Manske graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1995 and served in the Army for six years while achieving the rank of Captain. After leaving the military, he did his post-graduate work at Rice University and today is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ leading a disciplined and well-credentialed team providing sophisticated wealth management and individualized investment advice. Manske has been quoted in the Wall street Journal, US News and World Report, Financial Advisor Magazine among countless others for his thought leadership in the financial space.



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