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Temporary staffing agencies, mostly known as the temp agencies, are the ones that offer individuals an indefinite temporary position in their company, to be later recruited by some other business or organization. Although temp agencies have their own critics, pros, and cons, they are becoming a major part of this world’s job market, including the U.S. 

In 2004, more than two million U.S citizens were recruited by temp agencies by the U.S. Dept. of Labor. It is pretty significant that temp workers hired by businesses have become an integral part of today’s business landscape. 

Employers who use temp agencies have several advantages. First of all, they do not have to take weeks in order to screen applications and interview candidates for a short project of 2 to 4 months. They can easily hire qualified workers, on short-term contracts to build components and work for their company.  

Also, this not only helps them in saving time and effort but money also. Employers are not supposed to provide workers with additional benefits such as health insurance, paid leaves, etc. 

However, temp agencies are seen as a last resort for individuals struggling to get work in this difficult job market. Besides, a temporary job is an opportunity for them that can lead to a permanent position in the organization if it finds them qualified enough for the company.

Along with that, a worker submitting their resume to a temp agency means they can get access to several potential jobs, depending on their set of skills. This seems much more efficient than applying for multiple posts and jobs and then interviewing for them. 

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How Temp Agencies In Fort Worth, Texas Work? 

In about last year, almost a 4.7 percent increase was seen in the fort worth city of Texas with more than 18,000 recruitments in only leisure and hospitality departments. Temp agencies, however, were considered to have played an essential role in the process. 

Here’s how they function.

  1. An agency hires a pool of workers that are looking for jobs in different markets.
  2. They hire them on the basis of the skills they possess and their expertise level along with weeding out unsuitable applicants or workers.
  3. A company employer who temporarily requires the services of any worker fulfills a contract with the agency. In the contract, it mentions the work requirements, the cost according to hours or days and some further details.
  4. The agency then draws out the information of workers to see which one matches the requirements and makes them sign the temporary contract of the employer.
  5. Depending on the contract, the company pays the worker or employee their remuneration.
  6. The employer also pays an additional amount to the agency in order to cover their services.

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