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How To Sell My Products to Retailers

Posted: October 28, 2020 at 12:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Yohan Jacob, the President and Founder at Retailbound, a retail solutions agency that helps innovative product brands scale in retail joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Yohan Jacob discuss the following:

  1. How are retailers that you work with faring in this global pandemic? Would you advise product entrepreneurs to sell to retailers in this current environment?
  2. As a product entrepreneur interested in working with retailers in this “new normal”, what should I be doing to get prepared?
  3. What is the best path in retail for product entrepreneurs that started on Amazon or on crowd-funded sites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter?  Will large retailers buy from small product entrepreneurs directly?
  4. In your book “Retailbound; Learn How to Sell Your Products to Retailers”, you talk about Sell Through. Why is that important for product entrepreneurs to understand?
  5. If I was interested in selling to retailers but did not have an established relationship with them, should I cold-email or cold-call a retail buyer? Which is a better strategy and why? What about sending unsolicited samples to a retail buyer?

Yohan Jacob is known internationally as the Retail Coach. A noted author, retail consultant and retail coach, Yohan teaches entrepreneurs, inventors, and small suppliers on how to stand apart from the competition and get their products sold to North American retailers and distributors.

Yohan has been in retail industry for nearly 3 decades. Unlike most retail consultants, Yohan has hands-on experience on both sides of the retail buyer’s desk. Yohan started his retail career as a regional sales & marketing manager at a small product manufacturer. Like most product brands, Yohan made a lot of mistakes getting his products in front of retail buyers.  However, Yohan learned from his mistakes and was very successful in getting placement with national retailers. Yohan got his MBA in Marketing and switch roles as a large retail buyer. Yohan was a senior retail buyer for two different billion-dollar retailers and has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and inventory.

Yohan has literally written a book on retail. If you are a product entrepreneur and want to understand the mind of a retail buyer, check out Yohan’s book on Amazon “Retail Bound: Learn How to Sell Your Products to Retailers“.


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