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How to Reuse and Repurpose Content On Your Blog

Posted: July 15, 2016 at 12:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When you’re a blogger, one of the biggest challenges is remaining inspired and coming up with fresh, new ideas for content. It can be easy to slip into a slump, but without new, engaging content, your audience is going to dwindle, as are your SEO rankings.

If you find that you’re facing a material deficit at the moment, you can reinvigorate your existing content in ways that will feel novel and exciting to readers, and minimize some of your workload. This solves one of the primary concerns people have when they’re exploring how to start blogging, which is avoiding burnout, writer’s block and a general lack of inspiration.

Below are some simple ways to take content you already have and make it into something that’s relevant once again for your blog.

Create A Checklist

If you’re a blogger, and you have some entirely written content, whether that’s one post or a series of posts with actionable, useful information, consider creating a checklist. Checklists are great for readers because they can use them in their everyday lives, they’re simple to digest, and as a benefit for you as the blogger, they’re easy to make. If you’re considering repurposing a blog into a checklist, look at your analytics to find the how-to and guide-style posts that have been most popular on your blog.

Find New Data

If you have a blog post that’s reliant on research and data, you can take the core concepts and update them to reflect new findings and statistics. This can be particularly useful if the post is in a field or topic area that’s always changing and evolving.

Rewrite Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is that timeless material that’s invaluable on a blog. It remains useful and relevant regardless of how many years go past since it was written, but rather than simply resharing it, rewrite it. When you rewrite your evergreen content, you can save time coming up with new topics and research, but since you’re rewording it, it will be better for SEO.

Design an Infographic

Infographics are incredibly popular right now, and they pack a real punch when you include them on your blog. They’re great because they’re fun and easy for readers, and they’re also a good place to repurpose content. Plus, as a bonus, they’re incredibly shareable on social media so you may find that an infographic gets more traffic than the original blog post or posts it’s based on. You can even make your own infographic with tools like Canva.

As a final tip for bloggers who want to repurpose content, consider making videos or Podcasts based on existing blog posts. It’s a valuable way to draw in new traffic for your blog, and it can add personality and distinction to your site. If you have a lot of strong content, you can even consider hosting a webinar based on those posts. You can even repurpose your webinar recording as an on-demand webinar.

With all the opportunities for repurposing quality content, bloggers can bypass those troubling times that come with a case of writer’s block and ensure their site remains packed with new and exciting content.

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