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How to manage your cleavage in comfort with Cleavitz creator, Julie Crotty

Posted: March 8, 2011 at 9:33 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

It’s time to learn how to manage your cleavage in comfort with Cleavitz creator, Julie Crotty. She’ll show you how to double your wardrobe, save money, manage cleavage, and help breast cancer.

The concept for Cleavitz® started in 2004. Julie Crotty was a successful business executive with a passion for fashion, and she struggled to find a comfortable and simple way to “manage” her cleavage. “So many tops in my closet were too risqué for work, and I needed a way to make them business appropriate during the day, and at the same time, a little more fun at night,” says Julie.

The Search Begins…

For years, she tried the various solutions: tube tops, bandeau tops, fabrics that taped or strapped/snapped to bras, girdle-tanks, halter-tops – you name it. Each solution she tried provided more challenges. With this in mind, she designed her own top and had it custom sewn – 
one in every color.

“I was amazed at how many shirts, tops and dresses that had been laid to rest in my closet were resurrected when I started designing Cleavitz Tops,” states Julie.

“Then a funny thing happened. Friends and family started asking questions. ‘Where can we buy them, and are they made in different designs?’ When I said I was making them myself, they asked, ‘Can you make some for me? I’ll pay for them!’”

Cleavitz was Born!

At this point, Julie quit her job as the Chief Meeting and Events Officer at United Communications Group. And in 2008, Cleavitz was born for the purpose of creating comfortable tops that would allow women of all bust sizes to display as much cleavage as they cared to for a variety of occasions. Once the name “Cleavitz” was trademarked, Julie settled on two unique lines – basic colors for everyday wear and lace/silky patterns to dress up any outfit.

Julie is in the process of developing new Cleavitz styles for both teens and adults. But when not working, she enjoys wine tasting, volunteering, and having fun with her 11 nieces and nephews, family and friends.

What’s a Cleavitz?

Cleavitz is a fashionable half-top that provides ultra-comfort, cleavage coverage and style.

It’s not a sports bra!

You wear it over a bra and underneath low-cut shirts, dresses and business suits to dress up any outfit.

Cleavitz lets you manage your cleavage in total comfort!

With its unique blend of fabric and design, you can adjust the Cleavitz up or down to show the desired amount of cleavage coverage you want – and it stays in place!

With the Cleavitz patent-pending design, the top ends just below the bra. This means that there is:

No bunching around the front and rear mid-section!
No more tugging and adjusting your camisole or tank top!
No roll up — provides a slim, neat appearance!
No elastic band for maximum comfort!
No added bulk with as much coverage as you want!
No sweat – The Cleavitz is much cooler than a full tank top or camisole!
No money wasted – Expand your current wardrobe fast with one simple purchase!
Revitalize your existing wardrobe!

Cleavitz comes in a variety of styles and colors. Enjoy two product lines: one for everyday wear and the other for executives on the go. The varying styles and functionality maintain the same comfortable fit throughout. Bring life back to that long-forgotten low-cut top or dress when you pair it with the perfect Cleavitz.


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