How to Make Money Selling Your Art Online

It is easy to put a lot of effort into your art because you love what you do. And you love the response you get when people see your art. However, you will never feel satisfied if no one is buying your art. It feels great knowing that people love your art and want to pay for them. Most people think it is impossible to make money selling art online. You can view thousands paint by number kits online at

Here is how to make money by selling your art online.

Improve Your Skills

It takes lots of effort and time to make art that people care about. People only pay for art that they really love. Do not rush to make your art. You might never sell one of them. Get better in your work if you want to sell your art. Focus on improving your skills.

It is easy to improve your skills. Use the internet to search for tutorials. Watch video tutorials. Work hard to improve your skills. As your skills improve, you will start making art that sells. In fact, you may end up getting loyal customers.

Create an Art Blog

It is easy to create a blog. It is cheap. Create a blog, which you will use to promote your art. Also, a blog can help you build your name. Take pictures of your art. Post them online. Most people search for art online. So, they are more likely to land on your blog. If they like your art, they will buy them.

Additionally, you can use your blog to teach different painting techniques. You want to appear professional. Some new artists are willing to learn from you. Especially if you have a successful blog. Share tips on your blog. Write tutorials and opinion articles. A blog increases your sales.

Accept Donations

List your artwork on your art blog and have a donation button. Some of your blog readers will love your art, but they cannot afford them. They can support your work by donating. Some blogs make a full-time income from donations alone. Do not be afraid to add a donation button to your blog.

Use Art Platforms

There are several online art platforms, which get millions of visitors every month. Many companies that sell art prints are looking for art to sell, and rely on artists uploading their photographs and original artwork to the platform. Using these platforms can increase your sales immediately.

In addition, people looking for specific types of arts use art platforms. Therefore, look at each art platform. Check out what the platform offers. Use an art platform that sells art that is similar to yours. List your art on that art platform. You may get an order in less than a day.

The best art platforms are Etsy, ArtFire, Big Cartel, Storeenvy, ArtPal, and Zibbet.

Use Social Media

It is easy to promote and sell art on social media. Do not concentrate on so many social media. Why? It is easy to get overwhelmed. Concentrate on the top social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can make a lot of money selling your art on these social media sites alone. It easy to sell art on these sites.

You now know how to make money by selling your art online.

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