How to make Easter Egg Hunting Fun with QR codes?

With Easter egg hunting as one of the activities children love to do during the start of spring, parents are having a hard time making the game more exciting than before. As QR codes are becoming an essential tool to hold surprises for most users, how can they apply the use them to their Easter Hunt activity?

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Before you tackle how to upgrade your Easter Hunt activities, let’s have a refresher on how Easter egg hunting started and became a tradition across the world. 

Easter egg Chronicle

As modern as people take on Easter egg hunting into their houses, the first-ever recorded Easter Hunt event dates back to the 1700s in Germany. 

Since the egg is often symbolized as fertility and life by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Catholic missionaries adopted the use of eggs to narrate the story of how Jesus has died and resurrected. 

As the Catholic missionaries take eggs as the symbol of life and death for Jesus, the Protestants take the opportunity to make the narration fun and enjoyable by organizing an egg hunt activity for men to hide and women and children to search for them. 

And as the tradition is reshaped throughout modern times, color-coded eggs become a thing, where yellow symbolizes resurrection, blue as love, and red for the blood of Christ or the sacrifice. Throughout the years, eggs are replaced by egg-shaped candies in which help bring every sweet tooth’s excitement in uncovering new mysteries. 

How to make Easter Egg Hunting Fun with QR codes?

With the pandemic popularizing the use of QR codes in storing digital information, its use for Easter egg hunting is great for tech awareness. By using a reliable QR code generator to convert data to code and place them within the eggs, here are the following ways on how you can make Easter egg hunting fun and exciting. 

1. Store short video clips about what the egg has in store

You can use QR codes to store short video clips of a riddle on what the egg has in store where the children will scan them and try their best to answer the riddle. If the video clip scanned shows the right riddle to the hunt highlights, the child that found three correct eggs will get the biggest treat the parents has in store with them. 

With the use of QR codes, children will not only have to collect eggs but also challenge their thinking skills to gather the right ones.  

2. Give the next location clue for the next egg

Since most parents like to scatter the eggs in areas where children will have difficulty identifying where the eggs are hidden, the use of QR codes is great to store the next location clue without needing other children to throw the clue. 

In this way, the hunt will not be ruined and the fun continues at each scan that leads them to the finish line and wins the big prizes. 

3. Embed images 

Another way for children to enjoy when scanning the code is by embedding an image that represents each of the main highlights of the Easter Hunt, which is resurrection, love, and sacrifice. 

And for them to do it, they can use an image QR code to embed the image and place it in each of the eggs. In this way, the children will scan the code and analyze the photo on where it is related to the highlights of the hunt. 


Every once in a while, people’s take on tradition changes and turn it into a fun and exciting one. But as changing it means retaining the main essence of tradition, Easter egg hunting is also one of the activities that take various revisions from one generation to another.

With QR codes becoming a part of the 21st-century culture in checking out information, their use in Easter egg hunting can help indulge a technological and exciting event for children. 

As Easter is fast approaching, you can start creating your technology-powered Easter eggs with the use of a QR code generator with logo like QRTiger to store fun Easter tricks for children to learn and enjoy. 

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