How To Enter A Job Interview With Confidence

Whether you are hitting the workforce for the first time or are on to the next chapter in your career, job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience. Questions constantly race through your mind in preparation: Is my resume in order? Is this outfit appropriate to wear for the interview? Do I have an understanding of what this company’s goals are and how I can help in this position?

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Take a deep breath in and enjoy the following guidance on how to walk into that office and come out feeling like you shined.

Air Out Your Worries

If you are feeling anxious or panicked about the prospects of a new career, it couldn’t hurt to find a therapist in NYC or wherever you live to openly address your feelings. The right therapist can ease your concerns over this interview, addressing where your troubles lie and where your confidence is being impacted the most.

Counseling can help alleviate some of the worries, while cognitive behavioral therapy can help redirect your mental health by finding what triggers these emotions and providing ways to counteract those moments in order to feel your strongest.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you are having doubts about how to interact with an interviewer, it doesn’t hurt to rehearse. Research the company you are trying to work for to the best of your ability, and get an idea of some questions that could be asked in relation to the company’s current position.

Be prepared to face team members beyond just the interviewer. Practice in the mirror on your eye contact, and how you position yourself as to look collected and approachable, giving your interviewer an idea of how you settle yourself into the moment.

Know What You Want

When you understand what the position entails, do some research into the average salary that position makes. You may be asked by an interviewer what you expect salary-wise, and it’s important to answer honestly, but also reasonably.

For example, companies like Venterra Realty may offer certain benefits that other employers don’t. Evaluate what you are looking for with respect to your career growth and some semblance of comfort in your personal life when it comes to salary, health insurance plan, and even other perks of the gig.

Dress for Success

It is important to come into a job interview looking your best. Overdressing is better than underdressing, but be sure to have an idea of the environment.

For men, a collared shirt and tie are the standard. A jacket or even full suit is recommended, but not always required. A cleaned-up appearance is a must, so make sure to shave or trim your beard.

For women, your wardrobe should be business focused with sensible blouses and blazers, as well as comfortable shoes for the woman on the go. A women’s clothing store can provide you with insight when it comes to the appropriate accessories and jewelry to wear to make you stand out. Incorporate the proper pop of color from the standard neutrals and blacks and blues that often come with business attire.

Be Present

Plain and simple, show up early for your interview. Give yourself some time to settle in and take a few deep breaths before walking into the room.

Once the interview begins, leave everything else at the door. It is important to focus on what is being discussed in the interview, so anything else that is happening in your life, be sure to put it on the back burner until the interview is over. Be prepared to listen intently and reply when necessary.

Upon the conclusion of the interview, don’t hesitate to ask any outstanding questions, or request contact information to be in touch with this employer throughout the process. Simply paying attention could pay dividends later on when you are sent that job offer.

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