How to do Marketing for Podcasts On a Tight Budget

Many people would like to monetize a podcast. The problem is figuring out how to get that done. One way to attract sponsors and gain a sizable audience is to focus on marketing. This can be an expensive task, but it’s a necessary one nonetheless, and the following tips will help you market on a shoestring budget.

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Plan Out Episodes

One thing you can do is create a marketing plan before you complete an episode. Doing this saves you time and money because you know how you’ll be marketing the episode and what audience you’re trying to reach. It helps you curate the episode to that audience more effectively. Working backward like this may take some time to get used to, but it’s better to do so when you have a low budget.

Using SEO

When you’re financially struggling, you want to focus on marketing that keeps on giving. This is why SEO is the perfect marketing solution for you. Yes, it’ll cost you some money, but SEO is important for the podcasts creators who want to take things to the next level. If things are done right, this will continue to draw traffic. It may seem incredible, but using the right keywords or creating enticing descriptions can make a difference for a growing podcast.

Networking is Key

It may also be a good idea to work with others. Ideally, you will land an interview with a podcast host with a bigger following than you, but the chances of that happening are slim unless you’ve got something to offer that a podcast host wants. It is more likely that you will find a host with an audience number similar to yours. At this point, you will be exposing each other to a bigger audience. Of course, it’s a good idea to find someone who addresses similar subjects to you to improve the chances of gaining followers.

Improve the Quality

You should do your best to improve the quality of your podcasts. This means improving audio, editing, music, and everything else until your podcast sounds as good as other professional podcasts out there. You’ll be investing in your brand and marketing efforts. The reality is listeners pay attention to quality, and the better the quality, the more confident they’ll be in sharing your content with others. Word of mouth is incredibly important, especially for those who are trying to market on a budget.

Beyond the Expected Routes

Most people starting a podcast go through the usual channels. There are a few popular podcast providers that everyone knows, and that’s where most beginners go. This makes sense because these providers usually have the largest audiences online, but there are plenty of smaller providers out there. These companies may not have massive audiences, but they still have folks who are hungry for content. It would be a good idea to add your podcast episodes to some of the smaller providers to increase your exposure without spending an arm and a leg.

Marketing Through Social Media

Social media has a lot of users that you may be able to reach, and you can do so using the SEO tips you learn. You probably will have to use a snippet or a few snippets from your podcast episodes to give folks a taste of what you’re talking about. Most social media platforms give you a chance to upload small audio clips and videos onto their platforms. These platforms are free to join, which is a good thing for you. Advertising is possible there, but make sure you learn how to do it before you invest in these platforms.

Look for Publications

Online publications and local publications are always hungry for certain stories. If you believe you’re touching a topical subject and think you can get a journalist to cover your podcast, then try to contact them and pitch them your idea. Of course, it’ll be a dream to catch the attention of large national publications, but that’s not too easy. It’s better to stick to smaller online publications or local newspapers to improve your chances of getting your podcast noticed.

Marketing on a budget isn’t impossible if you follow some of these suggestions. Be sure to be as patient as you can be because this part will take some time, but your content is worth the work.

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