How to Combine PPC and Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

PPC (pay-per-click) refers to a form of online marketing wherein the advertiser is required to pay an amount when a user clicks on their ad. It is essentially paying for every visit to a company’s website. One well-known example of PPC is SEO (search engine optimization). Whenever an advertisement is clicked on by the user, they are immediately directed to the website. In turn, the search engine gets a minimal fee. An effective PPC campaign makes the investment worth it since the business gains from the traffic to its site, which results in conversions and sales. Still, there are a lot of factors involved in developing a PPC campaign. Some of these factors include keyword research and selecting the best ones before setting them up in campaigns and ad groups. A PPC landing page that has been optimized is another requirement. It takes time and effort and working with a professional pay-per-click agency can ease the load of the website owner. As an incentive, Google and other major search engines reduce the rate of clicked ads for well-thought-of and relevant PPC campaigns. For businesses that provide useful and relevant information to users, this reduced cost on clicks increases their profits.

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Content marketing, on the other hand, is a type of marketing technique that involves creating content that is valuable and relevant to attract a specific audience. It aims to generate profit through customer action. Content marketing provides users with relevant and useful content that offers value and insight, such as blogs, videos, graphics, eBooks, etc. Its objective is capturing the attention of potential customers and keeping them engaged, which can result in profit for the company.

For many online marketers, PPC or content marketing are both effective in growing a business. However, they are seldom combined. For some, the search rankings that content marketing generates are more beneficial, which is why inbound marketing is a preferred marketing strategy for most business owners. For others, inbound marketing does not provide the same assurance as PPC with regards to ROI. Still, there is no reason why PPC and content marketing cannot be combined. Below are ways that both of them can be integrated and make each one more effective.

Think strategically

Before spending a lot of money on ads, together with different content materials, it is essential to have a plan of action. The strategy used for content must help inform the PPC strategy, and conversely. Planning should involve both content and PPC marketing strategies to ensure that they support each other. It is best to study the site’s marketing analytics from its past and current content and PPC campaigns. That way, the company can incorporate whatever information it gets as the most effective for each campaign and use them together. It is also best to stay strategic with promoting even as the campaigns are running. Regularly checking on how things are going and making a few improvements when necessary, is useful. A pay-per-click agency can help in thinking of topics for content, and by constantly monitoring the way various content pieces perform alongside PPC, a company can decide on what content works best to focus its advertisement expense on.

Promote relevant, high-quality content

Most businesses that employ content marketing strategies veer towards producing a great deal of content, which may not be ideal for others working on a specific budget. As a part of the company’s strategy, the option is to determine the content materials worth promoting with PPC. For easier content selection, there are some things to consider. One of these is the frequency of queries received regarding specific information. The business owner should also take into account the keyword research and the amount of work that went into creating the content. After that, determining which content pieces are the most useful, informational, and most requested, is where the focus of the PPC campaign should be on. Also, keep in mind that while PPC helps to drive traffic to a site, it is the content that makes them stay. Ads generally attract people, which is why businesses use them to generate traffic. But after visitors land on their page, there must be something it offers to keep them there. No matter how many visitors enter a site, it makes no difference if they leave just as quickly. There are countless websites that offer similar products or services. What makes one different from the other is the quality of the content they post, and whether visitors stay engaged. It is best to create useful and high-quality content to provide users with all of the information they are looking for.

Maintain ads that are highly relevant to the content

When a user clicks on a particular ad, it is because they are interested in what the message of the ad is sending out. Whether it is a product or service, an ad should be relevant to the page content. If an ad offers something and a user discovers another thing, they end up feeling short-changed, and it does nothing to build up the credibility of the brand. The objective is not to collect clicks, which can cost a lot, but to get the right people to perform those clicks. Delivering what is promised makes users trust the brand and develops good relationships that result in profit. Additionally, when a user is satisfied, they are more likely to recommend the brand to others, which increases the site’s traffic. Leaving a good impression with potential customers is the best way to turn them into paying ones.

Any business can take advantage of PPC marketing or content marketing to attain their goals but it is safe to assume that they can benefit even more by combining both to grow the business. PPC marketing can effectively attract and bring in more traffic to a website. Content marketing sustains the traffic generated by PPC. Working together efficiently, they help the business flourish with the people they bring into the website. A  pay-per-click agency can help a company work out an efficient strategy for this great  combination.

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