How to choose a grammar checker for content writing

If you are a blogger or content writer, you have to improve your English grammar skills to write more engaging content for your readers. You cannot improve your English language skills in a day or two. It will require a continuous effort with proper dedication and passion.

Grammar is the most important factor in perfectly written content. No one at work would take you seriously until the material you have written is great. Thankfully, online grammar and punctuation resources are in abundance that can help you improve the consistency of your writing.

You may think that you can proofread your work for grammatical mistakes by yourself. It is easy to say, but proofreading is not an easy task, especially if you are not that experienced writer. Most of the professional bloggers use proofreaders to improve the grammar of their content.

If you are not an experienced blogger or writer, you may not have enough money to spend on human resources for checking the quality of your content. The best solution is to use a good grammar checker that will assist you in writing error-free content as well as improve your language skills in rea-time.

What should you consider before choosing a grammar checker software?

Online grammar checkers are competing with each other in the market, offering diverse features and competing prices. It has become very difficult to choose a grammar checker, given that most of the grammar checkers have great features and price that everyone can easily afford. We have listed a few factors that you should consider before using a grammar checker for your writing.

Pricing Plans

You have a range of options when it comes to the price of the software. Many grammar checkers have a free version, as well as a paid version. Native speakers can use these free versions to save money as they don’t need all features to check their writing. 

Different companies offer various types of pricing plans. You can choose daily, monthly, yearly, or even per-search plans. For most of the writers, a monthly plan is very suitable. Writers with non-consistent workflow prefer yearly plans because they don’t have to renew the subscription every month.

Due to the heavy competition, grammar checkers often offer discounts on their products. Don’t get fooled by the discounted prices and pay attention to the features of the software you might need. 

Online and Offline versions

Grammar checkers are normally of two types, desktop (offline) and online. You should choose a grammar checker according to your needs. If you prefer to do work online, then go for the checker that is offering its services online. Offline checkers come in handy if you have an abrupted internet connection or you like to work in the offline environment.

Online grammar checkers feature more functionalities and support additional integrations. When you consider a grammar checker appropriate for your own individual needs, please check whether it operates either online, offline, or supports all modes.

Most of the grammar checkers offer support for desktop as well as mobile devices. Many tools come with android and iOS apps as well. If you need a grammar checker with a mobile device version, you should make sure that it supports the OS of your device before purchasing.


The main goal of grammar checkers is to improve the writing skills of the users by making the content free of grammatical errors. Every grammar checker has its bundle of features, and these features are restricted according to pricing plans.

Before purchasing a grammar checker, check if that software has all those features you need. Don’t blindly pay for software, or you will regret after paying your hard-earned money on software that doesn’t fulfill your needs. 

Many popular grammar checkers have common features like writing style, grammar check, spelling, and punctuation. These features are kind of basic features. Grammar checkers come with more advanced features with a hike in price.

Interface and Installation Process

The interface is the most important factor in choosing a grammar checker software. Every grammar checker has its customized interface. The interface of each of these grammar checkers could be quite different from each other.

We are talking about ease of use, and by the ease of use, we mean the installation process. You can try a grammar checker in the trial version to check how complex or simple it is. You can go to the site of a specific grammar checker to check the videos about the software’s working and interface.

You should also check the quality of customer support offered by the company. You can read reviews about every grammar checker that is available online. You should be able to contact customer support to make sure a continuous flow of work in case you face some trouble using it.

Integration and Extensions

Integration is a much-needed feature for those who always work in an online environment. Most of the grammar checkers have mobile apps and desktop version along with extensions for web browsers and word processors so that you can easily work from anywhere and anytime.

In whatever environment you work most of the time, either MS Office or Google Docs, make sure the grammar checker you are going to buy has support for those tools.

Grammar checkers offer plugins and extensions for web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari, so that you can easily check any content for grammar by copying it directly from web pages. Before opting out for any grammar checker, check if that software offers integration features for other tools.


If you search Google with the term “best grammar checker,” you will be flooded with hundreds of grammar checkers claiming to be the best in the market. But the truth is, only a few of them are worth your time and money.

Consider all those factors we have discussed before deciding to use a grammar checker. We recommend Grammarly, PrepostSeo, and WhiteSmoke as the best grammar checkers. All of these have every feature and functionality that one may need to make his/her content error-free.

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